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  1. thebrain

    CS Trail Hawk or Similar?

    They have been like this before, they are out of stock then come flooding back with lower than normal prices. The axe gang hatchet is cheap for the moment.
  2. thebrain

    Asheville Paragon PARA-XD Price Drop!

    Welcome back to Michigan, at least we are allowed side open autos with a none dagger style blade. We are making some progress!
  3. thebrain

    Barebones tomahawk

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the cutting corners comment. My experience with cast tools is likely colored by cost cutting measures on the part of the manufacturer. I have for instance a few sizes of water pump pliers or channel lock type if that is the term you use that are very...
  4. thebrain

    Barebones tomahawk

    I understand that, I just think of other current production hand tools that are cast as opposed to drop forged tool and some cast tools are not as strong or resilient in my experience.
  5. thebrain

    lathing hatchet- who knew!

    I found a pretty cool old lathing hatchet on eBay and it is becoming my favorite tool. Yours is definitely nicer and that handle is very cool. I never noticed lathing hatchets until I got mine, what a superb tool!! Thin and choppy with a very capable hammer too!
  6. thebrain

    Barebones tomahawk

    Between a beech handle and a cast head it seems that company has decided to ignore things learned over the years for some reason. It looks like it fits the general design of the rifleman's hawk and I agree that model is too heavy. I would get the pipe hawk if I could justify another tomahawk.
  7. thebrain

    Barebones tomahawk

    My only issue is they are cast heads and that would worry me as durability goes. I would suggest the CRKT Woods Chogan over the barebones. I personally have a few different Cold steel tomahawks and have zero issues with them but I think the trail hawk is quite small and is not a versatile as...
  8. thebrain

    Real damascus or fake?!

    It may well be of ok quality as axes are usually fairly soft compared to a high quality knife. I have a non pattern welded but obviously hand forged tomahawk that was made in pakistan that I have had for 25 years and has served me very well. It is harder than any commonly available hardware...
  9. thebrain

    Historical Tomahawk Use and Sharpness

    My thought is they probably touched them up prior to using and they likely dulled quite easily so you ended up putting away a rather dull tool, blade cover unnecessary. I think a few here have the right idea that sharp was very relative and usable was all that was required. Most of my friends...
  10. thebrain

    Res-C Handle Mods?

    I found the regulator handle to be too large but maybe for a dedicated chopper I would like it.
  11. thebrain

    If you were to go to war today, which knife would you take with you?

    Cold Steel GI Tanto one for every guy in my unit and a few spares, a Leatherman Wave and a Spyderco Tenacious. I would rather carry my Busse Combat Team Gemini Light Brigade but I wouldn't want it to grow legs and for the same price I could outfit everyone in my unit with a durable dependable GI...
  12. thebrain

    Most painful tomahawk injury

    It was my tomahawk but my friends hand that got cut. We were at his family farm throwing my knives and tomahawk and I out of habit flip the item before I throw it to help myself get a "feel" for the balance. Well my buddy started doing the same thing and after a while got a little too...
  13. thebrain

    Knife Identification Stumper

    I also think that looks like sheep horn of some type. I have only seen blades with that type of decorating come from the middle east.
  14. thebrain

    *SOLD*(12/4)CHILDRESS*Upswept Hunter*440-C/Stabilized Maple Burl**

    I will take this depending on shipping time! Emailing now.
  15. thebrain

    Looking for a good can opener

    I have the black plastic OXO good grip , it works well and has held up for 5+ years now. I would guess Taiwan origin as I cannot recall the packaging. Comfortable and easy to use but has some flex on thicker cans, a decent tool but definitely not a heirloom.
  16. thebrain

    Comparison of Machetes?

    The tools we use are a result of what we know and what is readily available. We often take what we get because what we want isn't available or sometimes not even made. If you have witnessed people using a common pattern of machete for every task it may have been all that was available to them...
  17. thebrain

    Comparison of Machetes?

    The issue with machetes is the end user and uses are so wide ranging. The availabile patterns are so numerous and there is no readily available guides to the best pattern for what uses. A regular Ontario GI machete is very useful and will hold a great edge considering the expected abuse. Thin...
  18. thebrain

    Entropic finish PM2 Titanium Scales Giveaway!

    I would love to give those a try on my plain jane regular PM2 .
  19. thebrain

    Making an axe from scratch: my unconventional adventure

    An axe anyone would be proud to own forget about having actually made it! Well done sir!
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