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  1. Musashidin

    SOLD: Small Sebenza 21

    I'll take it. PM sent.
  2. Musashidin

    What Survive Knives Are You Waiting For?

    I have a GSO 7/7 and GSO 12 ordered and will probably pre-order a 4.5. I haven't handled a Survive knife yet but the praise I've seen has encouraged me to try them out.
  3. Musashidin

    ZT Customer service question

    I sent in a ZT 0801 for some issues with blade play and they sent it back in about three weeks.
  4. Musashidin

    Survival/Bushcraft/camp hard work blade. Too much HRC?

    A Fallkniven A1 ( or A2 should also fit your use case and be corrosion resistant. I don't think you'll find a busse in Infi at your price range and the SR101 knives are less corrosion resistant. A delta 3v knife by CPK or...
  5. Musashidin

    Twenty 3V Field Knives, micarta, G10, colors, "Delta 3V" SOLD

    I'll take one please with brown buffed micarta scales and a OD Green Sheath. Thank you!
  6. Musashidin

    Normal 20CV behavior?

    I'm sorry to hear that you are going through such issues ForgedMaple. For what it's worth, your experience has crossed Bark Rivers off of the knives I'd consider buying so I'm glad you posted this. I think you should sell the knife at the very least and just reference the issues you saw here to...
  7. Musashidin

    Folder Reccomendations, under 200.00

    The Spyderco Sage 5 has a 3 inch blade and doesn't look as threatening as some of the more tactical knives. The paramilitary 3 is also a similar size but might be hard to find since it's new.
  8. Musashidin

    Using vs Collecting vs Both

    I'm a collector more than a user especially for fixed blades. There aren't many situations where I'd really need a big knife but I usually have a folder on me. For me it's the excitement of handling a new knife and figuring out what I like. Maybe I'm just having a midlife crisis, but I've been...
  9. Musashidin

    Camping. Knife vs kukri

    Most authentic kukris come with a small knife and sharpening steel that fit in the same sheath. The smaller knife is for detail work where the kukri is too cumbersome.
  10. Musashidin

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    Depends on the occasion but here are my main two. CRK Mnandi Spyderco Sage 5 (Edited: Uploaded images to external website)
  11. Musashidin

    Framelock lockbar travel?

    Incase anyone else has the same issue on a ZT, mine just came back after I sent it out for warranty repair. The blade play and lockup has been fixed and I am completely happy with the purchase now. I wouldn't hesitate to get another ZT model that is known for these issues and am considering a 0452.
  12. Musashidin

    Contest- Name this knife pattern!

    Pioneer Trailblazer Warden Ranger ROS - Riddle of Steel
  13. Musashidin


    There was only one Edge Grain Vintage Micarta grip in the last racing light chopper sale and it was the first to go. Hopefully there are more of them this time around.
  14. Musashidin

    Framelock lockbar travel?

    I saw the same thing on my recently purchased ZT 0801 and I had some lateral blade play on normal lockup. I could also push the lock bar as far as the pictures show pretty easily. I just sent it back to the Zero Tolerance warranty department to take a look at it.
  15. Musashidin

    Happy New Years!!

    Happy New Years! You have a discerning palette for fine knives and scotch. Cheers!
  16. Musashidin

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Is the field knife actually 15 DPS? The website shows 18 DPS.
  17. Musashidin

    Wishing the best for Survive

    I read a lot about Survive before putting in my presale order for the GSO 7/7 and I have confidence they will deliver eventually. I work in an industry where schedule slippage is frequent and I'm sure it's tough on Guy and Ellie to tell us that it will take longer than expected to send out our...
  18. Musashidin

    What knife would you like to see next from CPK?

    Would love to see a folder or another run on the field knives. I'd probably try to pick up anything I didn't already have though :D.
  19. Musashidin

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone enjoys a restful break with their loved ones and return refreshed for the new year.
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