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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    olamic wayfarer 969 1a by Deiphod, on Flickr olamic wayfarer 969 1b by Deiphod, on Flickr
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    Thrust Bearings vs Bronze Washers

    And thanks to everyone for all the great information. I didn't mean to start WW3 :(
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    Thrust Bearings vs Bronze Washers

    Thanks to everyone for the clarification. I either misunderstood something said in a YouTube video or didn't realize it was said in sarcasm. I get it now :) Thanks again.
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    Bought a Kizer Rogue today... and i like it.. =)

    Nice pics. I just picked one up recently, too. I dig it. Easy to carry. Cool blade, especially in that size. I'm puzzled by the finish on the black part of the titanium scales. It feels kinda plastic-y. I'm not sure if it's coated or just polished or ? In any event, fun little knife...
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    Thrust Bearings vs Bronze Washers

    Dumb question, but I'm new to all this, so please forgive me. Is "thrust bearings" just a fancy marketing name for phosphor bronzer washers, or is there an actual difference between the two? I could open my knife up to find out, but that would void the warranty. Thanks in advance.
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    Ripped Off by Dustin Turpin Knives– Deal with Caution.

    This info may have already been posted in this thread, but I couldn't find it. If this is old info, I apologize. I just noticed that some dealers are selling a Brous Blades/Dustin Turpin collaboration - The Insight. This is very discouraging. I have sent messages to Brous and KC letting...
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    Favorite ZT

    I'm new to the ZT universe, but I loved the 0450CF so much that I followed it up with an 0456, which I also love. However, a couple of days ago the owner at my local knife store turned me onto the 0900 Les George. It's a fantastic worker. She's not pretty or sexy, but omg, does she perform ;)
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