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    Norse Ax and Trappers trade Hawk

    very fine work as always steve.:thumbup:
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    Ambidextrous Spike Hawk (AKA Killing Machine on a stick)

    very cool great work as always steve :thumbup:
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    Cantina KLVUK Give-Away!!!

    I am in, thank you for the opportunity!
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    0-1 Trail Master - Shipping Now!

    thanks for the picture:thumbup:
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    Himalayan Imports M-43

    This one is GONE
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    Cold Steel Trailmaster San Mai III

    E-mail sent
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    Copper-Back Musso Bowie

    :thumbup:well done
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    this is what addiction looks like

    Thanks for the pictures of your khukri collection.:thumbup:
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    Himalayan Imports M-43

    up for Trade HI -M-43 18inch 30.oz horn handle. by RajKumar :thumbup: looking for other Himalayan Imports kukuri. Thanks
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    gerber mark 1, mark 2 and others for trade

    e-mail sent thanks
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    Himalyan Imports M-43

    M-43 has been withdrawn :cool:
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    Himalyan Imports M-43

    all E-mails responded to M-43 still here
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    Himalyan Imports M-43

    up for Trade HI -M-43 18inch 30.oz horn handle. by RajKumar open to all trades?
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    Five blems for 1/9

    YES m-43 is mine thanks yangdu
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    Five blems for 1/9

    mail sent on 18 inch 30 ounce M-43 by Rajkumar. All fittings are white metal. Nice work by RajKumar. Natural grainmark in horn handle which is cosmetic only. $115 YBB.
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    CS larerdo

    vm sent thanks
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    Eny-Meny-Myny and Moe in Damascus flavor's

    Very fine work steve:thumbup:
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    Tactical Tomahawk for ArchAngel and a couple more

    WOW :eek:Steve very fine work :thumbup: i must have one or two :D
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    wildmikes Spike Hawk in the works

    Looks great Steve outstanding work :thumbup:
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