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    Settled up. Thank you!
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    I’ve been debating either this or the S35V variety. You made it easy. I’ll take it. Mssg inbound.
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    *All Sold* Bark River, Kershaw, Cold Steel

    I’ll take the bravo 1. Message in your profile w my email, PayPal ready to go.
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    Busse, Winkler and Cold Steel Sale!

    Cool, thanks! PP en route in a couple minutes.
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    Busse, Winkler and Cold Steel Sale!

    Hi Roy - left you a mssg. I’d be happy to take the Winkler necker off your hands.
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    RMJ Tactical Origin - SOLD

    pp sent, thanks!
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    Pmt sent this morning- looking forward to seeing this in person!
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    SOLD RMJ Kestrel Feather (Final Price Drop)

    Pm sent - I'll take it, pls forward me PP info and I’ll send $$ today Thanks!
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    BRKT Golok and Fallkniven A1 (users)

    Mike, pls check your pm’s.
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    2 Bark River knives and a Benchmade Bushcrafter 162

    Hi Jay, I just dropped you a note on your profile- I’d be happy to take the Adventurer III. PayPal at the ready.
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    SOLD 2007 Bark River Canadian Sportsman

    Dave, I'll take it. Email inbound thru BFC system.
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    Bark River Bravo 1 3V Plus 2 free knives

    Oh, man, just a smoking deal, and I didn't even see the price! If this falls thru, let me know and I'll meet you with cash! 😂
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    Winkler SD1 BNIB w/ Joufoo sheath. PRICE DROP!!

    Hi Ryan, I sent you an email about this blade but the BFC email thingy doesn't always work right or so it seems. Would you be so kind as to email me [email protected] ?? I think I'd like to add this little guy to my working stable. Thanks!
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    SOLD Bark River/ Dark Timber Grizzly 3V

    I have the idea that the BFC email system isn't working as planned - email me directly at [email protected] and we'll sort this out. Thanks Techno!
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    SOLD Bark River/ Dark Timber Grizzly 3V

    Email sent - I'll buy it if you have this available.
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    zt0801bw ano hardware price drop

    Pmt sent for CS bundle, thanks again.
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    Bark River Snowy River $100

    It is A2. Great little knife.
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    Bad THE BAD Will Moon

    Just checking back here....this is not a warranty problem. This is the piss-poor workmanship we keep discussing. Warranty problems are unforeseen issues which occur well past delivery. Crappy construction or workmanship is evident immediately upon delivery. Btw, Will posted at the...
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