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    From where can I get the best kukri Knife ?

    @Kailash Blades - thanks, I didn't know about the forum. @ScottsBad - to each its own, I'm just more or a traditionalist and to me bent knife does not necessarily equal a kukri :), I know I'm subjective; however - we've all said before "this will be the last one" many times did we keep...
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    RIP Charlie Mike

    Late to find out about this truly shocking event. RIP.
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    Disappearing high center line; should we blame Hitler and big government contracts?

    I have yet another theory, just another reason and not necessarily the main one. Sharpening (properly) a high-heeled axe was also more time-demanding for the occasional user. More metal to fill away, bothering when all you want is to "get things done", not necessarily in the most efficient...
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    Titanium alloy plate axe

    Love the music and the axe is cool as well for what it is. You remind me of the "Scumbag Steve" meme with that hat :D but as an (early) 80s kid loved the whole vibe of the video. You'd also make a better ninja than me, glad to see you didn't lose anything valuable while making the video :D.
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    Barber Chair video.

    Buckin' Billy Ray is mentioned quite a bit around here :).
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    Give me your opinions of these steels being used for an Axe Head.

    I'd be vary about toughness. I'd much rather see it in a knife, because of its abrasion resistance.
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    HELP: My Axes Are Not SHARP! What to do from here?

    From what I remember, this video contained a good explanation of the grinds - why and how they "happen" :):
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    HELP: My Axes Are Not SHARP! What to do from here?

    A burr can give the false impression of sharpness. It is, after all, a very tiny bit of metal that can still cut.
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    Woodsman's trio ( vintage style )

    What's the story behind the raspchette? Do you know for certian what steel it is? Thanks.
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    Splitting axes

    We always like to make things more complicated around here (by offering many suggestions). Out of the kindness of our heart, really :p - check out this beauty: A rafting axe, a fireman's axe (especially vintage-made if you like to refurbish and really "make it yours") should serve you well.
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    What did you rehang today?

    I only recalled today that I had asked a question in this thread; and voila, here was the answer :)! Thank you, I appreciate all the details (especially since posting it involves more effort on your part than for us living in more "domesticated" parts of the world). You've done a fine work...
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    It followed me home (Part 2)

    He's a good guy alright.
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    It followed me home (Part 2)

    I like them. Had 3 in care for a few months, they were a riot. The male would want to take on bikers and horses. Had to keep a close eye on that little beast!
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    It followed me home (Part 2)

    I'm pretty sure you also found yourself a little French Bulldog. Or was it with you before you went down in the basement? :D "It followed me upstairs. I was making a steak."
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    axes of the movies

    Sometimes, the props are made out of aluminum. Milla Jovovich wasn't "killing" those zombies by swinging two steel bruisers.
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    Help identifying Movie or TV Prop Axe

    Liked the movie movie; I guess you could make some profit on those unless you want to keep both. Now if you can get your hands on the cleaver as well :)...
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    axes of the movies

    I feel pretty much the same.
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    axes of the movies

    4.9 means I'm watching it. I never go below 2, though. :D Thanks!
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