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  1. Grampa

    Coming back to Victorinox SAK...

    I've carried a Vic Swiss Army Knife everyday for nearly 60 years. I usually carry some other knife as well, typically either a one-hand opener or a traditional pocket knife with better edge holding steel than the Vic. Or a sheath knife if in the woods. The Vic model changes with the weather, but...
  2. Grampa

    For those who have purchased knives from Knives Ship Free and DLT Trading...

    If they have a number of the same model/handle, they will use one stock photo. If the knife handle is unique for each knife, they will use individual photos.
  3. Grampa

    New KSF Benchmade Exclusive...

    Mine arrived all the way from Escanaba this afternoon - very nice knife! Thanks for keeping after Benchmade, Derrick! This one is a keeper! (My apologies for no photos - I take photos almost as well as I breathe underwater.)
  4. Grampa

    A question about the Benchmade Axis Lock

    I've been EDCing Benchmade axis lock knives for years, mostly Grips or 710, and have never had a single problem with the omega springs . . . or any other part of a Benchmade. Oh wait, I had a clip eventually get a little too far away from the handle to stay snug in my pocket. One phone call, and...
  5. Grampa

    Knifeworks next exclusive

    How about a 610 in M390? I'd love to see that!
  6. Grampa


    Just received my 710-1401, and it's in perfect condition. Centered, even swedges, no exposed tip. Couldn't be happier.
  7. Grampa

    710-1401 issues?

    Just received my 710-1401, and it's in perfect condition. Centered, even swedges, no exposed tip. Couldn't be happier.
  8. Grampa

    Benchmade QC question

    20+ Benchmades, including the new blue 710, not a single problem. This whole supposed "quality control" issue is a mystery to me. I've experienced nothing like it with any of the (really too many - is that possible?) Benchmades I own.
  9. Grampa

    Griptilian Hollow Handles

    Nope, just feels like a different type of artificial handle material.
  10. Grampa

    Griptilian Hollow Handles

    I have no problems with the (according to some folks) "cheap feel/sound" of the 551. The zytel handles are tough, as numerous testers have proven. They are lightweight, which is a significant benefit when backpacking. The Axis lock is one of if not the strongest lock available. I have several...
  11. Grampa

    Why all the Opinel rave?

    Opinels are the folding equivalent of a Mora.
  12. Grampa

    Benchmade Griptillian or Spyderco Paramilitary 2

    One of my consistent gripes with Syderco is that the cutting edge of their knives is so short compared to knives of similar handle size. While they can be very innovative in their designs, they seem to be unaware that knives are about cutting, and a longer edge is almost always preferable to a...
  13. Grampa

    I'm guessing that people don't actually hate the Griptilian?

    I absolutely agree! The Griptilian is top-of-the line when it comes to functionality. It's tough, difficult to damage, uses good steel, very ergonomic. The comparison to the Glock is very apt. I have far too many Grips, and EDC them more than any other one-hand-opening folder, including many...
  14. Grampa

    REI G10 Grip on Sale

    REI membership is not free - there is a single lifetime charge ($20 or something). From that point on, you get 10% back on non-sale purchases every year. We got ours back in the 70s, never regretted it. But I don't know if I'd get it just to save money on this knife!
  15. Grampa

    Benchmade 275 Adamas

    FWIW, I think in general shape and design, the Adamas folder is very similar to the Bark River Bravo 1.
  16. Grampa

    M390 810-1401 Contego

    Anyone know if they've toned down the jimping on this model? The original was a real pain if you used it hard barehanded. YMMV
  17. Grampa

    Knife and folding saw combo, what's yours?

    A Vic SAK Huntsman - has both blade and saw! ;)
  18. Grampa

    Grip with G10

    Mine arrived today - very nice indeed! This one is a keeper.
  19. Grampa

    Sharpening Combo Blades

    While I really don't care for serrations and don't (won't) have any of Benchmade's, my wife likes them for bread, etc. For them I use a Work Sharp and give a couple swipes on the back side. It's quick, works well, and my wife is happy!
  20. Grampa

    Assisted Knives in California?

    Under current law in California, are assisted knives, such as Kershaw's "Speed Safe" knives, considered switchblades (illegal) or do they fall under the "detent" ruling (legal)?
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