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    Just curiosity... What is it that Spyderco CQI'd on the Chaps? I had a LW (and sometimes really regret selling it haha, though I do still have the original CF version) and thought it was (and the CF version still is) so well done already there was very little room for improvement.
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    Ontario Rat 1 cf/d2 - $55

    Actually all RAT models have PB washers, but they also have a very thin Teflon washer between the PB washer and the blade so that they don't necessarily require lubricant. PB washers can provide a very slick action if done properly and lubricated, but Teflon is much more consistent. You won't...
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    (ALL SOLD) Koenig Arius (Gen 3), We Knives Deacon (Purple), Real Steel Metamorph (Blue)

    If anything happens with the sale of the Metamorph, I'll take seconds.
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    Week 15: Benchmade Mini Crooked River - 20th Anniversary Year of Giveaways

    I'm in! I'm so in! I've been dying to get a mini Crooked River for awhile now! *Fingers crossed*
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    PM sent for 940-2
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    For Sale ZT 0609 & ZT 0220

    Oh, it's a base model, green aluminum s30v. Said it's in good shape aside from a couple knicks on the handle, centered, with a nice edge, but I'm guessing most people on here that want one of those already have one lol.
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    For Sale ZT 0609 & ZT 0220

    Any interest trades for the 0609? I know if someone looking to trade primarily a 940 (not sure if it's an upgraded version or standard) and/or zt0350.
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    Benchmade Crooked River SOLD

    This is the full size, right? Not the mini?
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    2 ZTs and 1 Olamic Wayfarer 247T

    Redemption?? Was ZT tangled up in the Benchmade controversy or something?? Lol jk Edit: forgot to say: I'll take it! Sending pm now.
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    BOTH SOLD: Benchmade Mini Crooked River, Spyderco Myrtle Frame Lock

    Would you by any chance be willing to do 125 for the Crooked River?
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    2 ZTs and 1 Olamic Wayfarer 247T

    I'll take new seconds on that 0450 if YmatisU doesn't take it
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