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  1. emergency3573

    Oakley's G-Shock's and a Sony

    Aloha! Just off loading things i don't use. All have been used but well cared for. All prices include shipping from Hawaii. Paypal only please. I am posting on multiple forums therefore the first "I'll take it" followed by payment gets the item. Thank you for looking. Oakley Gascan with Prizm...
  2. emergency3573

    G-Shocks (Frogman,Gulfman,Rangeman,and 3 others)

    mods please close. Thanks everyone for looking
  3. emergency3573

    G-Shocks (Frogman,Gulfman,Rangeman,and 3 others)

    KinJames I can’t message you so email me at [email protected]
  4. emergency3573

    G-Shocks (Frogman,Gulfman,Rangeman,and 3 others)

    Got your payment. Will get back to you with shipping. Aloha
  5. emergency3573

    G-Shocks (Frogman,Gulfman,Rangeman,and 3 others)

    From Left to Right and Top to Bottom GW200Z(SOLD),GW225E(SOLD),GF8250,GF8250ER(SOLD) GW9400BTJ(SOLD),GW9125D G8900CS,G8900SC,GLS100(SPF)
  6. emergency3573

    G-Shocks (Frogman,Gulfman,Rangeman,and 3 others)

    Aloha! Selling these guys off as I don't use them anymore. They have all been worn but have all been well cared for. No hard use just to work and back home. No scratches on any of the faces. Prices are for the watch only. This includes shipping with tracking. I do have the box for some but that...
  7. emergency3573

    G-Shocks!!!!! Prices Reduced

    The Frogman is my favorite!
  8. emergency3573

    G-Shocks!!!!! Prices Reduced

    I will keep this simple. All watches have been worn by me. None have been abused. Just worn to work (Hospital) and back to home. All in good condition. If you need more pics I can provide it. All prices include shipping from Hawaii. I will ship and provide a tracking number. Once I do this I am...
  9. emergency3573

    BAGS...Kifaru, SoTech, Mystery Ranch, Chrome

    Bump with price reductions. Thanks for all the looks.
  10. emergency3573

    BAGS...Kifaru, SoTech, Mystery Ranch, Chrome

    Clearing out bags I don't use. They have all been used. Some more than others, but all in good shape. No hard use just from my home to work in a hospital. Then just sitting in my closet. The prices are what I post. I will cover paypal fees and shipping. Keeping that in mind you can try and shoot...
  11. emergency3573

    Oakley Sliver, Oakley Crosshair 2.0, & Nite Ize bundle with extras

    Hello just getting rid of items i don't use...all items are in good condition and are without issues...I am willing to listen to PM's but if someone posts "ill take it" before we settle then it is theirs. Prices include pp fees and shipping...the price you see is the price you pay. thank you for...
  12. emergency3573

    Nixon CHEAP!!!!!

    Still cleaning out my drawer and still trying to recover cash from recent buys. Up for sale is a worn Nixon Private SS Gunmetal with Black face. A fresh new battery without gasket replacement was done by a local watch company yesterday. This watch has a very clean look and I always got...
  13. emergency3573

    Emerson & Brous cheap!

    Bump! Emerson is left! It is an awesome knife
  14. emergency3573

    Busse Muddy Mojo #44 with Spec Ops sheath. CHEAP!

    Guys thanks for the kind trade offers but I need cash. Thanks
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