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  1. Corytr

    Large Regular Sebenza

    This is sold folks. Thank you all for the interest.
  2. Corytr

    Large Regular Sebenza

    I am selling my last Regular Sebenza. This one is a Large made February 28, 2006. It is in excellent condition with only very minor fading on the tip of the lug. The edge appears original and there are no marks at all on the blade or scales. Comes with box, tool, papers, and I'll throw in...
  3. Corytr

    Mnandi clip tension

    To not be a smart ass, I do know what you are talking about. IMO, the Mnandi clip tension is a bit tight if you are clipping it to any clothing with a substantial thickness (jeans, etc....). I think the lack of responses in your thread is probably because no one has really messed with the...
  4. Corytr

    Mnandi clip tension

    Cut a series of fine slits in the underside of it using a hacksaw or sawzall.
  5. Corytr

    Gifting a CRK...

    I don't mean to be a superstitious downer, but I've heard you aren't supposed to gift a knife as it will cut the friendship. However, I did give my brother dollar and sold to him (for a dollar) a Mnandi that was born on the same day as his kid.
  6. Corytr

    UG/CGG picture thread

    Holy Crap!!!
  7. Corytr

    Photos Mnandi scale minute gap

    I'm no Mnandi expert, but it looks like there is no champher on the machine hole... Maybe someone else knows if this is a good or bad sign. ETA: I agree, that looks like a torx screw.
  8. Corytr

    Gauging support for a James Longstreet / Stefan "Sticky" photo thread

    Each photog could start their own thread and that thread, with admin approval, could be linked in a sticky (like we do with the other stickies).
  9. Corytr

    Old pivot umnumzaans

  10. Corytr

    THE CRK Birthday Wish List

    Ha! Well, if I was looking for a special one, I certainly wouldn't have refused your offer for such an awesome piece. Very generous of you LW!
  11. Corytr

    THE CRK Birthday Wish List

    If the one pictured was born in 2016, I'll take it!:p
  12. Corytr

    What year one sided fasteners phased out? What year clip change?

    I have had some with a 2001 birthday that came with the old clip and some 2001's with the new.
  13. Corytr

    Newbie Sharpening Questions

    Yeah, if you stick to the default sharpmaker angles. Tilt the blade away a bit if you have to.
  14. Corytr

    Newbie Sharpening Questions

    Microbevel is where it's at, especially if it's already reasonably sharp. Why reprofile if you don't have to?
  15. Corytr

    Baby Day

    Beautiful daughter! You are blessed. Congratulations! Is the Ti-Lock going to be used for the "procedure"? Just a thought. It might save you some money...
  16. Corytr

    Seeing who's looking at a thread

    I miss that feature as well. It made it feel more like a community rather than just a "posting board" as stated earlier.
  17. Corytr

    New Game: Pick 3 Knives You Want but Don't Have

    I don't unfortunately. I'm only down to one s30v Regular and a few newer CRK's.
  18. Corytr

    THE CRK Birthday Wish List

    There is on on the FB BST right now
  19. Corytr

    3 Regular Sebenzas

    Thank you. However, I prefer to keep this in the US. My apologies.
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