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  1. Leadmule

    CKF/Rotten Evo 2.0 hand rubbed

    CKF/Rotten Evo 2.0 #57 hand rubbed SOLD shipped priority express today. Comes with everything from factory. More pics available upon request
  2. Leadmule


    Please delete
  3. Leadmule

    Strider MSC slcc tanto

    Some kydex marks but good otherwise. SOLD
  4. Leadmule

    Strider tanto PT

    Some of snail trails on the blade but no real signs of use. I’ve personally have not used this one. They show up in bright light and at the right angles. SOLD
  5. Leadmule


    Two tone black/ Battleship grey hybrid GG tanto. Has a mark from the factory. See first pic near the clip. It’s a light rub. Can ship today $630. SOLD
  6. Leadmule

    Strider SnG-CC

    I’ll take this please
  7. Leadmule

    Hybrid GG SnG tanto

    Battleship grey from the last drop. As it came from factory Sold
  8. Leadmule

    Strider Tanto SnG

    Strider SnG Tiger stripe tanto. Psf27 blade steel Has been used and sharpened but well taken care of. Has a couple of surface spots and snail trails on the blade and lock side. Not looking for trades at this time. SOLD Can send more pics or vid. Had to crop the second pic a little too much for...
  9. Leadmule

    Christensen arms 223 wylde Ar15 barrel

    Christensen arms 14 1/2 inch carbon fiber barrel. All NFA rules apply. This will need to have a muzzle device at least 1 1/2” long, drilled and pinned and it welded to the barrel for it to be legal as a rifle. I’ve shot approximately 500 rounds through it trying to find what it likes and...
  10. Leadmule

    Strider digi SnG

    Sale pending
  11. Leadmule

    Strider digi SnG

    Can’t find any marks on it. No trades at this time unless it’s into an MSC SnG. Sold
  12. Leadmule

    Vortex Viper Red Dot

    Payment sent. Thank you
  13. Leadmule

    Vortex Viper Red Dot

    I’ll take this. Pm inbound
  14. Leadmule

    Heretic Medusa

    Unfortunately not
  15. Leadmule

    Strider battleship SnG

  16. Leadmule

    A-TACS SnG

    Had a couple light marks on the blade when I bought it. I carried it a couple times but didn’t actually use it. I had one and regretted selling so I bought this one. Just need to free up some cash. Sold
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