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    The 'Hemmingway' Skinner - Cocobolo with Harmon

    Beautiful work. Elegant in its simplicity.
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    W2 harpoon

    Damn, I missed this one!
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    SOLD. Forged 890CRV2 Camp Chopper.

    Love the video. Unlike a still photo and specs, you can actually see the knife in proportions.
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    W2 clip point for sale

    Very nice indeed, Sir.
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    Damascus Bowie

    That is outstanding, Phillip!
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    Leather handle Micro Tank

    Thanks so much. That really helps prospective buyers get a feel for the proportions.
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    Leather handle Micro Tank

    Is there any chance you could post some pics of this knife in your hand? I can get a good feel for its proportions.
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    5 damascus kwaiken

    Outstanding, Phillip.
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    Unbound knives EDC collection N690/ AEB-L

    Great looking designs and very practical sizes. Well done, Sir.
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    Tombstone Defender

    To slightly change the words of a famous Australian actor, "Now that's a knife." Excellent work. Incredible price.
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    ** SOLD ** Recurve Camp - Camelthorn

    Beautiful work. The recurve proportion is nothing short of elegant. Well done, Sir.
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    Gomai Harpoon Hunter

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    SOLD. W2 Dagger with Stabilized Sycamore and Leather. Video added

    That pretty much answers my question ha ha Ha
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    SOLD. W2 Dagger with Stabilized Sycamore and Leather. Video added

    WOW!!!!! Beautiful work. Does it take a good edge?
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    Cayman - flipper ( sold )

    That is some beautiful work, Sir.
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    W2 Hunter with Fuller and Ironwood.

    That's a winner, Matt. I'm gonna have to get one from you.
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    San Mai and Bakelite Skinner/EDC

    Great to see you back on the board, Chris. So glad you're still designing and forging knives. I think you have a great future as a knife maker. Keep up the good work.
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    Premium Hunter in CTS-XHP and Curly Koa

    Gonna have to get one of those for sure, Ian. Could you sharpen the swedge on request?
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