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  1. socom1970

    Convince me that I need a CRK

    I have some Opinels also (#6, #7, #8) that I like for what they are, but I would never EDC one. Ever. In my opinion, there is no comparison between them and my CRK's. Yup, they both cut stuff and they can be EDC'd easily. And I do appreciate their design and mechanism. But my criteria for an...
  2. socom1970

    Inkosi or Sebenza

    Large Inkosi and small Seb 21 is my suggestion. Tough choice as they all are excellent options. I have XL hands, so larges fit my hands well. For small CRK's, I prefer my small sebs to my small Inkosi.
  3. socom1970

    Big hands & the finger grooves on the 25 and large Inkosi.

    I have XXL hands also. I don't have a large Inkosi, but I have a small Inkosi Insingo. Just as Secret 77 mentioned, I just grab it and use it. No problems. I agree that the finger spots are decoration for me. No worries.
  4. socom1970

    Post your CRK carry knife for today.

    My InkoSingo sharing pocket time with a friend...
  5. socom1970

    Would you like to see Chris Reeve do a flipper?

    I agree. My favorite part is the slow, hydraulic feel upon opening and closing. Wonderful stuff.
  6. socom1970

    Black pits/specks on S30V blade

    ^^^This for sure. I've not seen that before now. I wouldn't be happy with that either.
  7. socom1970

    Inkosi Insingo - New Batch coming in September!!!

    Got my small InkoSingo yesterday for my work EDC rotation. I really like the Inkosi a lot. Maybe a bit too much... :) Anyway, I went with old and new today.
  8. socom1970

    Anyone out there using a Sikayo?

    I want to buy one so badly, but I don't like chisel grinds. I just don't understand why the Sikayo has that grind style. :(
  9. socom1970

    Stripped........Stripping your Professional Soldier

    Wow!!! I really like that. I wouldn't mind doing that to my Insingo PS also.
  10. socom1970

    Inkosi Insingo - New Batch coming in September!!!

    I received my call from CRK yesterday telling me my small plain jane InkoSingo is shipping out to me. I'm quite interested to see this latest CRK creation. I like the Insingo blade a lot but it's my first Inkosi...I have been wanting a small 21 PJ Insingo for a while, so I took a chance with...
  11. socom1970

    Does this blade look off to anyone?

    I've never had factory edge problems with any of my CRK's either. Always been good to go.
  12. socom1970

    Damascus EDC, the start of a journey: w. April 2021 update.

    The ~original thing works great. Thanks!
  13. socom1970

    Damascus EDC, the start of a journey: w. April 2021 update.

    I'm glad for this thread. I have a few damascus CRK's that I EDC. I love seeing Damascus users!!! :)
  14. socom1970

    CRK "for sale" section

    +1 on previous replies. As well, myself and others here prefer used/EDC'd CRK's and are always looking on BST for another CRK. New or used, post it. You might be pleasantly surprised. :)
  15. socom1970

    Lime Cutters

    I love your limecutters!!! And the slip sheaths for them are simply beautiful. Been wanting to get one for a while, just haven't for no good reason. They all look excellent! Hopefully next payday... Do you know when your next round of limecutters might be posted?
  16. socom1970

    Wood Inlays

    I'd like to see the darkening. I like seeing the inlays change color over time. All the wood inlays are so beautiful.
  17. socom1970

    New raindrop damascus

    Oh, baby...that's what I'm talking about. That is some gorgeous Raindrop Damascus.
  18. socom1970

    Inkosi Insingo - New Batch coming in September!!!

    Yup! Ordered a small PJ Inkosi Insingo yesterday from them and got the info then. She said about a month and a half. Great news for sure. I hope I like it as much as my other CRK's...
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