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    Workshop flooring

    I realize I'm new here, but if you have any electrical questions I would be happy to help out.
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    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    How thick do you make the wood inbetween the blade and magnet? Do you have any issues with the knife not sticking well or with the wood coming loose?
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    Heat Treat Oven Completed

    Where did you find your rods? I was looking to do mine that way but I never had much luck finding any.
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    diy heat treat oven

    I wish more places were built like that! Current standards are 15A in houses and 20A in Commercial. In fact, you can't use the quick stab in wire receptacles with 12g wire. Most tract homes will be mostly 15a circuits. whether you had them upgrade or someone else did, it was a good move...
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    diy heat treat oven

    Here's where I got mine: The prices look quite a bit lower here at the moment.
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    diy heat treat oven

    Stacy, only kitchen and bathroom circuits are typically 20 amps. The rest are usually 15 amps. Garages are usually on a 20A circuit because the builder only wanted to use 1 GFCI so the circuit is shared between the garage and bathrooms. 15 Amps is far more common. You should only load a circuit...
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    diy heat treat oven

    Tony, you definitely can run one that is 120. You would have to double the amperage to get the same power though. 240 is more efficient from a material perspective.
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    Cnc router laser combo

    Its just 1.25 HP. It probably wouldn't cut metal, maybe aluminum, but I just slow down for hard woods. They are pretty capable machines.
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    Cnc router laser combo

    I have a Bob's CNC that I use mostly for wood. I do not have a laser. It is powered by a Dewalt 611 router. It has zero issues with any wood I have thrown at it. I don't think that stabilized wood would be an issue whatsoever. I have cut micarta and it cuts just fine.
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