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  1. J

    Which 2x72 Grinder

    I’ve had my eye on the Northridge for a while, it’ll be what I pick up.
  2. J

    Khukuri Heaven

    Great Report... Thanks for Sharing!
  3. J

    Wearing a large or long HI knife or sword

    Wow, great pics and setup... Thanks for sharing!
  4. J

    KLVUK luv [review & pics]

    I need to get one of these, like yesterday...
  5. J

    It's Official!!

    Congrats on the appointment, although I'm new your demeanor appears to be something everyone should reflect.. - jsm
  6. J

    Pics of Kukri or Large Chopper in the Wild

    Definitely appears that I have an ASTK, thanks for the knowledge and straightening that out...
  7. J

    Lightweight M43

    I'm pretty sure I've seen the MKII made to OE Specifications... But, It's not a HI and I will not link to it... Sweetcostarica even has some video on it me thinks...
  8. J

    Pics of Kukri or Large Chopper in the Wild

    Great pictures...
  9. J

    Wood or horn handle

    I've found the horn to be quite slippery when used with the bare hand. I wrapped tennis racket grip on it and wear gloves... Problem solved. I'd prefer G10 or Micarta... Followed by wood...
  10. J

    OP2W Part Deux . . . What Do You Want To See?

    Yes, Kukri... But, in Battle Grade and 1/4" thick with a little distal taper...
  11. J

    Lightweight M43

    I think I'd like a 23-24" lightweight M43... Wood Handle w/ no ring...
  12. J

    What makes a fighting knife

    Fighting Knives? Heard people from Nepal have them pretty well figured out... I'll take a 22-23" Kukri and swing for the fences... Back up would be a dagger style knife with full guard, 4" in length that I can deploy as needed...
  13. J

    I can't post pictures....

    I paid for a Gold Membership yesterday 5/14, Maybe there is some lag?
  14. J

    Pics of Kukri or Large Chopper in the Wild

    ASTK and Chitlangi The Chitlangi is far superior for chopping IMO. The weight is better, the balance is better, the blade is longer and swings harder, the blade is also a hair thinner and has a better distal taper which helps with cutting.
  15. J

    I can't post pictures....

    So, I bought an membership for the sole purpose of posting pictures... It does not work. I tried to use Imgur, indicates the file is too large... What's the secret here without having to manipulate the picture many times... Why is there not better software on this site for this...
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    Pics of Kukri or Large Chopper in the Wild

    Nice, what's are the specs on the Bonecutter?
  17. J

    Pics of Kukri or Large Chopper in the Wild

    Excellent, this is exactly what I had in mind... I just signed up for a membership, will be posting pics soon.... I just cut down a dead tree in the front yard... Beautiful Kukri...
  18. J

    Pics of Kukri or Large Chopper in the Wild

    Please show us pictures of your Kukri or large chopper in the wild... I'd like to see Kukri, etc. performing work.
  19. J

    Deals for 5/13-- Pix, Manjushree, Agni Jowala, Sherpa Knife and great buys

    That 2nd sword is amazing... the Agni... Love the waves in the blade...
  20. J

    Post Your 1911

    I'll also add, Glocks always work and require no tuning once it hits your hand from the factory. I likeep both though...