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  1. A.McPherson

    Anyone want a grinder frame?

    Sure thing! It'll probably be spendy, but I can put in the leg work. I'm leaving for a month today, so I won't be able to get it shipped for a while...
  2. A.McPherson

    Hammer me this

    I guess it all depends on personal preference... I don't mind a short handle, because I like to choke up quite a bit.
  3. A.McPherson

    Hammer me this

    Hickory. Of the ones you listed, id use the yew
  4. A.McPherson

    Are there any places in the Charlotte area (in NC) that I can go get some steel spark tested?

    Hey Colby, spark testing is really not a very good test to determine grade. All it can do is give you an idea about the amount of carbon in the steel. It's certainly not definitive in any way. If you want to know the type of steel you'll need to send it off to a lab and get it tested. All...
  5. A.McPherson

    Anyone want a grinder frame?

    Three hours which way? If you live in San Antonio or Austin, I could go through either of them with no problem!
  6. A.McPherson

    Setting Gemstones in Stainless?

    I don't know if this would work out not, but you could try inlaying a thick piece of silver or gold, then drill holes in the softer metal to place your gemstones...
  7. A.McPherson

    Anyone want a grinder frame?

    I've also got a railroad track anvil if anyone wants it... Same deal! I'm driving from my house out here near Terlingua on Sunday and going to college station. If you want either or both, let me know by Saturday, or they are going in the recycle bin!
  8. A.McPherson

    Chalk it up to Experience

    Man, that's bad... Gonna have to rename you... The PUNisher!!! Bawhahaha!
  9. A.McPherson

    Help Please! I have bubbles after normalizing?

    Eh, you can possibly salvage it... Try thermal cycling it a few times, then re-quench it. So heat it, till just barely below non-magnetic 3 times, air cooling till black between each heat. Then heat it till just over non-magnetic ( do this in the dark) it should be in the low orange side of...
  10. A.McPherson

    Help Please! I have bubbles after normalizing?

    Looks like you got it too hot. In those small forges with no temp control, you really have to keep the blade moving as you heat it up. If not you'll get uneven heating.
  11. A.McPherson

    Anyone want a grinder frame?

    Hey folks, anyone want a free grinder frame? I made it a few years back and it works fairly well, I recently upgraded to a Reeder, and I don't have the space for two grinders. It's just the frame, with a gas tensioning strut and tracking device. I'll post pics later. It's made of 2" thick...
  12. A.McPherson

    Recommendation? Good starting grinder

    Another thing to think about is building your own, if you've got the skills and equipment to do so. It can be significantly cheaper, if you don't count your time! As with all things, it's cheaper to buy a quality product, if you value your time at a reasonable "shop rate". Bottom line, if...
  13. A.McPherson

    What are the Pros and Cons of Titanium as a Knife Blade?

    If you have a sharp corner and you're using a Ferro rod it will... If you're talking flint and steel type sparks, I don't know.
  14. A.McPherson

    Looks like cracks

    Bummer! Use an oil for sure, 1095 doesn't need water in small sections like knife blades.
  15. A.McPherson

    Oversoaking D2

    Id be inclined to call it course as well, just from there pics... You really shouldn't be able to see the grain with your bare eyeball.
  16. A.McPherson

    What's your day job?

    Another Fed LEO, 12 years till they make me retire. We've gotta go at 57...
  17. A.McPherson

    2021 Summer Kitchen Kith New Deadline: August 29

    If I don't get it done next week, it's not going to be done till after August. I'll let y'all know a week from Friday.
  18. A.McPherson

    Combo axe

    Very cool! You should take a look at Bruce Bump's cut-'n-shoot projects, they are truly inspirational!
  19. A.McPherson

    Beginner - Help needed on getting past a "rustic look" to knives

    I definitely think @Lorien is on to something here. It's not about tools, it's about attention to detail. If your finish sucks, but the design is good, you still have a good knife. If your design sucks, but you have an awesome finish, you've got a shiney turd.