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  1. stevejams

    Few budget users

    3 knives for sale today, all have been carried and used at work. All have great action and lock up, but can use a sharpening. Static is still very sharp though. $60 PayPal G&S for the lot (from left to right) Colt CT530 Kershaw Static Kershaw Cryo Please pm with any questions, thanks
  2. stevejams

    Gerber Multitool, Smith and Wesson Throwing Knives

    throwing knives are sold. Like New Multi tool still available
  3. stevejams

    Kershaw users and a few others

    It’s yours. Please pm for PayPal info
  4. stevejams

    Gerber Multitool, Smith and Wesson Throwing Knives

    @Swoopmaster please pm me for shipping information and PayPal details
  5. stevejams

    Kershaw users and a few others

    Skyline, S&W, and H&R are gone
  6. stevejams

    Kershaw users and a few others

    Looking to sell some user knives, mostly kershaw, and a few others. These were all purchased as new and then used as work knives with the exception of the Skyline XL and gray leek which were purchased as like new from a member on here and then used as work knives. Prices are PayPal g&s and...
  7. stevejams

    Team Gemini Special Edition A2, Park Ranger SR-101 Battle Grade

    Got 2 Busse’s up for sale tonight. Prices are PayPal g&s and includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48. Please pm for any questions and only post I’ll take it in the thread, thanks. First up is a Park Ranger in SR-101. I got this a few years ago and have only carried it and maybe cut some...
  8. stevejams

    Gerber Multitool, Smith and Wesson Throwing Knives

    I am selling a set of 6 throwing knives made by Smith and Wesson. They come with a nylon sheath. I bought these about 3 years ago and used them once. They are still in excellent condition. $old PayPal g&s, includes shipping. Also for sale is a multitool made by Gerber. I bought this about 3...
  9. stevejams

    Why are you fascinated with knives?

    I offer you all a great quote from a great dude: "When a man picks up a knife, there's an old memory from the collective unconscious that surfaces. A knife is an atavistic experience. It was man's first tool and weapon. Man was chipping flint into cutting edges before he invented the wheel. No...
  10. stevejams

    2021 kershaws....

    Disappointing that Kershaw is trying so hard with these flashy knives coming from China rather than just make some classic workers from the states. The concept of the strata seems cool but then they added the flash factor with that copper colored inlay.
  11. stevejams

    How many BM do you own?

    Too many, but at the same time not enough. Such as how the hobby goes.