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  1. Worldwatcher

    Vortex Spitfire 1x, Aero bcg

    Vortex is lnib it was mounted but never fired. Asking $198 shipped pp g and s. Aero Precision no logo Nitride bcg bnib. Asking $125 shipped pp g and s.
  2. Worldwatcher

    Olights! Mostly Limited Editions

    Warrior Mini 2s Titanium in unopened boxes. One fire, one land. $115 each pp g and s. Take $10 off for more then one mix and match any. No trades on these thanks. Odin mini gun metal grey in unopened box. $105 pp g and s. Warrior mini winter Titanium. Opened but lnib, never carried! $sold Pp g...
  3. Worldwatcher

    Collection Purge: Olights, Dango Wallet, Hinderer HMBS

    Fyi, that is the baton pro titanium not the warrior mini winter! Nice light.
  4. Worldwatcher


    I have the model with the switch to stop flow. I usually put that on and stir the grounds to infuse and bloom and let it rip. My brother has a vorm going on 12 years strong so far, just said to make sure I dezcal it every couple months. On the coffee side, I have been liking kick ass from...
  5. Worldwatcher

    Olight getting into the knife game

    Fyi, I believe they confirmed on their fb page that Kizer is the manufacturer.
  6. Worldwatcher

    Doug Ritter Hogue - Is the hype true..?

    Picked one up here recently and so far I am a pretty big fan. They nailed the axis/able lock imo.
  7. Worldwatcher

    Lionsteel M4

    Excellent condition m4 with olive wood handle. Never cut anything. I did put a coating of obenaufs on the sheath and that is what smudged on the blade in the pic. Its perfect. Asking $125 paypal g and s shipped.
  8. Worldwatcher

    Spyderco Chaparral frn

    Lnib never cut anything. Asking $85 g and s paypal shipped.
  9. Worldwatcher


    I like moose drool beer, Ill have to give the Coffee a try:)
  10. Worldwatcher


    An update to my post. I have already received a replacement for my Redline and you cant ask for any better customer service and warranty then that, painless. That said I am a technivorm convert, it makes a great cup of coffee. I am a pour over guy but this might make me lazy!
  11. Worldwatcher

    Are Carothers knives production or custom made?

    They are made with the sweet sweet nectar of the Gods and therefore cannot be defined…
  12. Worldwatcher

    Hinderers for sale. Take a look

    Ill take the Eklipse per our pms! Thx
  13. Worldwatcher

    Olight PL-mini2 Valkyrie ODG

    Like new in box. Never mounted but opened box and checked functioning. $80 paypal g and s.
  14. Worldwatcher

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    First rit dye attempt on my blue delica! I like the way it turned out. Also did a little stonewashing to it awhile back with AZ gravel.
  15. Worldwatcher

    DLT Manix 2 20cv sold

    Excellent condition Manix 2. I am the second owner and came to me as new. I have not cut with it or carried it. sold paypal g and s.
  16. Worldwatcher


    It definitely makes a good cup of coffee, for the price its hard to beat! They have a 2 year warranty, so hopefully they fix it.
  17. Worldwatcher


    Heat you don’t have heat! Come to Phoenix:oops:. My Redline coffee maker didnt last a year, waiting to hear back on warranty claim but in the meantime I stepped up and ordered a Technivorm today. Cant wait to try it out!
  18. Worldwatcher

    A Few Nice Folders

    Pm sent eta: payment sent for ritter!