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  1. Phil Indablanc

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    I always wondered if these could live up to the hype. I finally pulled the trigger and got a Carothers DEK1 in 3V. Great knife!
  2. Phil Indablanc

    Echo Ion XL Fly Rod

    Echo Ion-XL 5100-4. 10’ 5wt fly rod. Excellent condition. Used very lightly a couple times. 4 piece travel design. Med fast - fast action. Oversized stripping guides. Black anodized reel seat. Fabric covered plastic case. Sold. PayPal. US only. ($115 for pickup near Lyndhurst, NJ). Feel free to...
  3. Phil Indablanc

    Recommendation? Cast Iron Skillet, not Lodge please?

    I would give a carbon steel pan a try. I use my Mafter much more than my cast iron now. It seems to do most tasks as well or better than cast iron.
  4. Phil Indablanc

    Deleted post

    Nice looking knife! I did not see a price listed.
  5. Phil Indablanc

    Mixed inventory

    If there is still a Dek1 in 3V and burlap micarta available, I will take it.
  6. Phil Indablanc

    1911 Grips - Carbon Creations

    SOLD - Carbon fiber 1911 grips by Carbon Creations. Mounted on my S&W 1911. Great condition. Ambi safety. Comes with 4 stainless screws. It was difficult to get good photos of the grips that show off the carbon fiber pattern. Sharp looking grips! $60 PayPal G&S. US only. Feel free to PM with...
  7. Phil Indablanc

    Grip Pod & Light W/ Pressure Switch & Mount

    Grip Pod fore grip. Mounts on picatinny rail. Very lightly used and in great condition. Was used with PentagonLight UL2 flashlight. Light comes with mount and pressure switch as pictured. Willing to separate. $50 Grip Pod. $50 PentagonLight flashlight w/ mount and pressure switch. $90 If you...
  8. Phil Indablanc

    Why Are Koenig Knives So Expensive?

    I just recently picked one up at the last DLT drop. It is the nicest knife I’ve ever owned. This includes CRK, Hinderer, Pena, Chaves, and a few other excellent knives. The fit and finish is second to none and the action is incredible.
  9. Phil Indablanc

    Pena X Series Trapper

    Sold! Pena X Series Trapper. Burlap micarta. M390 blade. Front flipper. I purchased this brand new. Only selling because I bought too many of the X Series front flippers and need to let one go to a new home. Outstanding fit, finish, and action. Never carried or cut. Just flipped and admired...
  10. Phil Indablanc

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Just got this Koenig and dressed her up with a little timascus. This knife is amazing. Without a doubt the nicest knife I’ve owned.
  11. Phil Indablanc

    Mad for Micarta Picture Thread

    I just put a micarta scale on my Jurassic. It’s from Sharp Dressed Knives. Really impressed with the fit and quality. I think it’s a keeper.
  12. Phil Indablanc

    Lets see some Hinderer action

    Just put a new micarta scale on my Jurassic. I’m a big micarta fan.
  13. Phil Indablanc

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    I love carrying my Jurassic. I just put a new micarta scale on her. I think I like it.
  14. Phil Indablanc

    Reate Bushido

    Sold. Reate Bushido. Never carried or cut. Factory edge. Comes with pouch, extra hardware, cloth, and inner pouch. (Everything it came with new). M390 blade. Burlap micarta scales. Great lockup and action. Typical outstanding Reate fit and finish. Sold. PayPal G&S. US only. Feel free to PM with...
  15. Phil Indablanc

    Truglo Red Dot Sight

    SOLD . Truglo red dot sight. I’ve had this on my home defense shotgun for a few years. The gun and sight have been very lightly used. Only a few shots to sight it in. Works great. Picatinny rail mount. No box, just what you see in the pictures. $40 PayPal G&S. US only. Feel free to PM with...
  16. Phil Indablanc

    FS Vortex Sparc II Red Dot Optic

    I’ll take it. Pm to follow.