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  1. SV-97

    Tradional(-ish) With Pocket Clip

    How about a J.E. Made Combustion?
  2. SV-97

    Review Before you order @ Blade HQ

    Now I've never dealt with BHQ but imo: it it's not their job to check if it's safe to use. The manufacturers QC should catch it, but in case they don't I think it's common sense to check if a tool is good to go before using it. EDIT: also: What do you expect them to do apart from refunding and...
  3. SV-97

    Decent folder Torx set?

    Definetly Wiha :D The Böker-Wiha set (also available from Wiha alone) is great for when you need some more torque - other than that just get their PikoFinish (like the 267P) drivers. IMO the best precision screwdrivers out there
  4. SV-97

    I got my Opinel #7 today, good news! My dog ate it. Bad news.

    What I've seen done before (I think... maybe it's just a construct of my brain) is a folded brass handle (kinda like a mercator) which looked really neat.
  5. SV-97

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Had the white pair in pocket today :D The 78 actually is actually starting to get a bit yellow by now
  6. SV-97

    For thso with websites

    You can have a look at my site - it's done with google sites. Super easy to set up, completely free etc.. If you want something a bit more custom and just want to show off pictures you can probably download some CSS template and do the HTML yourself (really not that hard) and since traffic...
  7. SV-97

    Lightweight exercise knives

    I carried the dogtag a whole summer and there's no sign of rust etc (though the bronze washers needed a bit of a polish :D )
  8. SV-97

    Lightweight exercise knives

    Having the dragotac both small and large: wouldn't necessarily carry it around my neck (though it's a great knife with a hellish thin grind). The spyderco ark has been brought up a lot: One of the few knives I sent back - didn't like it at all. I also think that 90% of the stated options are...
  9. SV-97

    Preferred deployment method

    Slipjoints so probably nail nicks :D -> holes -> flippers -> studs -> frontflippers
  10. SV-97

    Want more K390 - Urban or Pingo?

    There's a K390 Pingo?!
  11. SV-97

    Questions about GEC quality.

    Blade rub is normal, as for the grind: That's by design on the #82's drop-point blade. I think it's there to prevent contact between wharncliffe and drop-point. (It's actually ground at a slight angle inversely to the main bevel)
  12. SV-97

    Attention 2019 Forum Knife : Poll - Blade Finish

    really surprised that polished doesn't rank higher here :D
  13. SV-97

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Carrying these two and a ginormous #06 today, while I have some fun with ProjectEuler :D
  14. SV-97

    Opinions needed for difficult opening Ad-15

    What I could imagine: too much loctite used and it got into the pivot. Have you tried disassembling it?
  15. SV-97

    2019 Traditional Forum Knife...The First Poll

    Could anyone tell me what pattern that is? I think I've fallen in love :D
  16. SV-97

    Anyone using Whet stones in their sharping?

    ZDP is one of my if not the favorite steel; didn't like V-Toku that much though tbh
  17. SV-97

    Anyone using Whet stones in their sharping?

    The one I mentioned here: ZDP-189; I also have one in the VG-10 damascus and one in V-TOKU laminate
  18. SV-97

    Anyone using Whet stones in their sharping?

    I've started with a 800 grit naniwa as my first bench stone and honestly: it's way nicer than expected. As long as you're not running modern toolsteels, having an 800 as lowest grit is fine (I've even sharpened a ZDP Delica on it a few times and sure it takes some time but it's absolutely...