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  1. Charlie Mike

    Bad THE BAD Will Moon

    This was seen yesterday... Lol
  2. Charlie Mike

    'Beater' EDCs

    I don't think I own any knives that cost less than $100 :eek:
  3. Charlie Mike

    'Beater' EDCs

    Even though I made this for myself, I have made several reproductions that sold for $600.
  4. Charlie Mike

    'Beater' EDCs

    What I'm trying to say is every knife that is capable of use should be used... Otherwise it's money sitting in a safe that is better put to use elsewhere.
  5. Charlie Mike

    Just pix of knives

    Just did up another Fresno Felon mod CS Spartan today.
  6. Charlie Mike

    toughest stainless steels

    That's why I don't own any Randall.
  7. Charlie Mike

    toughest stainless steels

    I don't have any experience with that steel.
  8. Charlie Mike

    toughest stainless steels

    Elmax and Vanax.
  9. Charlie Mike


    This knife was a huge pain in the rear. I have only made 2. Originally sold for 450.
  10. Charlie Mike

    The itch is itching!!

    Sebenza 25
  11. Charlie Mike

    Rare Vintage BenchMade SpecWar CQC-7

    That's the knife that made me fall in love with the chisel ground tanto... I think I was 15.
  12. Charlie Mike

    Flavio Ikoma / CRKT "Deadbolt" Lock

    Reminds me of the REKAT rolling lock.
  13. Charlie Mike

    Honest opinion about a Bowie

    Out of 1095 and 5160, I'd pick 52100.
  14. Charlie Mike

    Primary Rotation: Who's On Your Team?

    2 complete rotations including watches.
  15. Charlie Mike

    Tell me about Damasteel...

    Deep etch... Lots of topography.