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    Plumb Victory vs. Other Plumbs

    I believe they were made in the first 5-10 years (I think) following WWII and they were celebrating the US' Victory.
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    Keen Kutter mystery hatchet

    Every now and again a "heavy hatchet" in this pattern pops up. I don't believe anyone has come up with a pattern name, but they are basically a big, beefy boys axe with a hardened poll. They were probably used in a construction environment such as timber framing in mines, tracklaying(?), or...
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    Hatchet id

    I believe that would be known as a Helko Werks hatchet with a Carl Helsper stamp, but I have no idea of the age.
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    newbie question

    That looks a little far gone to me. If you want to use it, true up/reprofile the edges on a grinder while keeping the bit cool and finish with a good filing and or stoning till you get a sharp edge.
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    It followed me home (Part 2)

    It's a hatchet you put in a frame, duh! I think T_A was referring to one of these:
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    Fire Watch

    I like this website for fire watching, it gives you live images of the surrounding regions so you can monitor fires or conditions in real time.
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    Axe heads found under floor in old barn.

    Awrighty, this is harder without a side view but here are my guesses. The top one is a 50's/60's Kelly, possibly a Woodslasher, the next one down is a blacksmith's handled cold chisel, the one below that is a nice but slightly worn early to mid 1900's single bit, possibly a Plumb, and the bottom...
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    What do you think this might be?

    Personally, I'd say it's a late 80's/early 90's Mann-made Michigan pattern
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    Pics of Axe from Fort Ticonderoga

    I dunno, the deep cheek stamp and the profile view say "hand forged" to me.
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    Plumb Permabond Handle Restoration

    @cityofthesouth might know.
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    Recommendation? Crusader axe head

    Do you mean axes the Crusaders used, or is there an axe line/company named Crusader?
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    What did you rehang today?

    Hey, did that TTFE double bit ever make it to you, or does the post office still have it?
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    Double Bit ID?

    If it is an AATCo similar to the one I had, 1890's.
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    Double Bit ID?

    It's an oldie, possibly hand forged? The extremely thin profile reminds me of an AATCo axe I once had, but I could be wrong.
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    ID an old axe-like tool

    I'd swear I've seen/heard of that somewhere before, but I can't recall where. @jblyttle has seen and handled tons of tools like that, maybe he will recall seeing one before?
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    Hatchet ID? : YOU GUYS ROCK BTW.

    That looks similar to my Wetterlings hatchet, so I'd guess it's a swedish import.
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    Hatchet ID? : YOU GUYS ROCK BTW.

    I've used vinegar and a wire wheel, I prefer a wire wheel for looks. My modus operandi was a 4 inch angle grinder with a wire wheel attachment, but you could use a bench grinder or a wire brush attachment for a cordless drill.
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    Axe ID: Band-aid my incompetence

    That looks like a cheap, early 2000's import.
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    Recommendation? Choke up metal hatchet

    Why do you want an all-metal core? Finding something with the metal core and a good grip up by the head will probably be impossible, you'd be better off looking at something like a Council Tool Flying Fox if you want to choke up on it.
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    Axe ID? Help a brother out.

    Looks like a Collins Commander to me.