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    Black and white

    Awesome little knife, love that ferule.
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    Just in case anyone was tempted to try a junk knife

    Oh! that handle was made of [email protected]%^# alright. What a piece of junk and a good knife to get cut on.
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    Axe / Hawk wanted

    Great idea with a great name as well. :thumbsup:
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    A.G.Russell Ti Funny Folder- hand engraved and anodized

    That's really Cool, nice work and Glws.
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    I think I found my "If I had to choose one" folder..!!!

    That's why I carried a Spyderco dlc coated police for 30 years. I carry it once in a while because it's so thin like mentioned in the above post. Just so many knives to choose from and to carry these days.
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    Loveless Style Big Bear

    Beautiful and well worth your effort.
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    Why No More BK 20's

    Awesome! and I can see now why you kept it, nice work.
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    Why No More BK 20's

    Heck I'd go 200 with a nice kydex sheath all day long. I surely don't understand their thinking with a lot of folks wanting these knives and not offering them up for sale. Maybe they will make some more in 1095, or even 5160. I might take that pattern and have one made by a knife maker here on...
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    Why No More BK 20's

    Hello folks, While I don't currently don't own a Becker knife I've found one that I really like. Well to be truthful there are a few Beckers I wouldn't mind owning, but the 20 is so sweet looking. Why in the world would they only make a couple of hundred of these choppers. They seem to or would...
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    Awesome knives, that last one is really sweet imho.
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    Numbers 5 an 6

    Great job especially with the tools you have, nice work. :thumbsup:
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    Garth Vs. Jerry . . . . The Battle Of Cheese Curds!!!

    What's a cheese curd, never had one maybe a sandwich with a slice of cheese on it. Maybe the Rat forum would be more fitting/telling.
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    Recommendation? Appendix-carry slim backup folder.

    Spyderco police all stainless. I don't think folders can get any flatter/thinner and it has a 4" blade and all stainless with serrations or not.
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    -Cobra- PGK sold

    Nice looking knife and at a great price as well.
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    Recommendation? Best Budget Hard Use Knife?

    Cold steel SR1 Tanto in S35VN, it has a thick stout blade to go along with the Triad lock. It's a little more than a ben but well worth it, it also comes in a nice clip point as well.
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    Opinion on the Cold Steel Spartan

    Love the XL"s especially the Talwar which I've yet to acquire.
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    Bush Kings

    Beautiful knives, Congrats.
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    Custom drop point

    Good looking knife and that handle looks comfy from where I'm sitting. Liking the nickel silver pins as well.:thumbsup:
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    Ontario's SP series, past and present...

    Where did the 5160 blades go to?
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    Zulu in Green Micarta and red liners

    Beautiful little zulu, love the red liners.