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    Bargain Knife #2 SOLD

    That's a nice pick up. A stainless blade with that profile will be a wonderful general purpose and food prep at camp knife.
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    *SOLD*(6/17)CHILDRESS*Clip Point Hunter*D-2/Madagascar Ebony**

    I'll take this if it is still available.
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    W2 drop point

    I'm really surprised that lasted as long as it did. It's a really beautiful knife.
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    Forum Changes

    I liked the look and feel of the old one better. But I don't do anything all that complex here, so I haven't noticed any functional changes. But I kind of miss the comfort of coming in and it feeling familiar.
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    Cherokee Rose and Gentleman Red X Knife

    Wow, that is a beautiful Cherokee Rose.
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    <SOLD>Harpoon Hunter in 80CRV2 and Premium Ironwood

    It came in today. The handle has a nice, soft, feel to it too. Very well finished. The pictures are a little grainy, and really don't do the fit and finish on the handle justice. I really like wooden handles without plastic liners, and this one is especially well done. The sheath is great as...
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    Yeah, I just hate the aesthetics of screws. Those EDCs are great too. But this one really sings.
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    Well, since everyone is praising the fighter, I'll stick up for the EDC. It's gorgeous. If it had pins instead of screws I'd be eating ramen this week.
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    *SOLD*(4/15)CHILDRESS*Hunter*D-2/Stabilized Birch Burl*

    That's a really nice pickup. Not just looks, but the 4" blade and 4 1/4" handle is the perfect size IMO.
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    Bigger Sharp Finger SOLD

    I'll take this if it is still available, Gerry. e-mail on the way.
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    New Kaibab Kommando in 80CRV2 and Elk

    Wow, that's really something special.
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    Field & Stream / aka B & T - in AEB-L - SOLD

    Nice. I like the choice of AEB-L. Have you ever done one of your Camping Buddies in AEB-L?
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    *SOLD*(2/25) Another Clip Point Hunter*440-C/Stabilized Birch Burl**

    Nice pickup. I have a couple of Duck's knives, and I use them more than any others I have. They're handy and durable, as well as nice to look at.
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    *SOLD*(2-24)CHILDRESS*Clip Point Hunter*440-C/Stabilized Maple Burl**

    That's pretty slick. Bit of a different blade profile there.
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    Handy Harpoon Hunter SOLD

    I'll take it if it is still available. EMS.
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    SOLD***Dropped Hunter/ Arizona Ironwood/S45VN

    Wow, that is pretty much exactly what I would ask for if I wanted a custom hunter. Materials and everything. And it is beautifully built.
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    3" EDC, wenge handle-SOLD

    That's a nice little knife. Glad it found a home. Though I was hoping it would last another week.
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    Historical Tomahawk Use and Sharpness

    Evidently sheaths were used by some. This is Sir Alexander Mackenzie's sheath, courtesy of the Maine Antique Digest Twitter page. There are some other references to it as well. I could swear I've seen something like this a few times in some of the old books I read as a kid about historical figures.