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    Busses and Whisky

    Thanks Leo. My first Macallan... very smooth ,and no peat moss taste.... just the way I like it. I really like that old West German Sig. I had not told them anything about my preferences. So, the large majority of them (8 of 10) preferring it over the others was sweet. I was certain that the...
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    Busses and Whisky

    Got a Macallan 15 as a gift for organizing a range session with a group of online gamers.... most of them had never handled a firearm. Strangely enough.... they preferred the Sig P226 over Glock or S&W..... Gotta say. They surprised me when They gave me the bottle...
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    If you could only have 1

    ;)The question asked a thousand times.... still the same answer ASH-1 , of course...
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    Deer Rifle, straight wall cartridges only

    Roger that:thumbsup:... Things not to do..... 1st, don’t move to Canada.... gun laws stink and you’ve got no gun rights.... 2nd, do not move to the province of Quebec.... gun laws stink even more.....;)
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    Busse Game Warden Handle help

    That’s one of my grail... waiting for Busse to make them again. Want a new one....
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    If you could only have 1

    ASH-1....skinnier than fat....
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    Swamp Rat and Wombat

    You just gotta love Wombats:thumbsup:
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    Off Topic Your Favorite Handgun

    Daily carry - Sig 232. Stainless .380 ( can’t own it in Canada) BBQ gun- S&W 1911 E - series bobtail I don’t own either..... impossible to carry a gun in Canada..... but what the heck, dreaming is free..... current fav that I own= Ruger Blackhawk, stainless, 5.5 inch. Barrel, 357/ 9mm.
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    New ASH1 pants by Ramos!

    Looks verrry niiiice.... if only I had another ASH to fill one up:rolleyes:...... ANDY, YOU SELLING ANY??????;)
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    Introducing The Trough Raider!! . . . Coming Wednesday May 22, 2019 at 9:00pm Eastern!

    Passing too..... buuuuut.... my Better half, who doesn’t care for knives at all, actually finds it very appealing!
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    Another exploratory trip, found something this time

    Well done!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: I’m really curious to find out what’s down that tunnel. Wouldn’t advise going back alone. I know that opal or gold mining was a hobby for many Australians, but mate, that’s quite the cave!!! Really odd...... I love seeing pics of the Australian bush...
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    Earthquake Hits Shop!!! . . . . Can't Find Garth!!!

    Way I see it..... the man deserves it ;)
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    Latest batch from BB

    Verrry nice!, you gotta love David’s gear!
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    Stay hydrated ............

    Ouch!!!!!!.... Get well soon, buddy! Had kidney stones, several years back. I had friends who had altered their vacation so that they could have me over, they were waiting on me. They were in Asheville, N.C. I was leaving from Montreal, Canada . Long story short. I got the stones the day...
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    Thanx David Brown!

    Now that’s cool:thumbsup:
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    Busses and Guns

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    Busses and Guns

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    Busses and Whisky

    Here goes.... my favourite thus far..... however.... I’m very partial to a good Bourbon!
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    Nano Fusion NO ;)

    Sweet rigs :thumbsup: