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  1. din

    PJ RH Sebenza 25 FS.

    You got it! This one is SPF!
  2. din

    PJ RH Sebenza 25 FS.

    This has seen a decent amount of pocket time, but minimal use, so there are some snail trails on the scales. Mostly it's been living in a drawer since I bought it. Asking $350 shipped and insured, CONUS only, USPS MO or Paypal. Edited to add it's a large.
  3. din

    Value of AFCK Axis 806SD2?

    Yeah, well, they're wrong.
  4. din

    Shot Show 2020 Line Up

  5. din

    496 Vector

    AO is for sucks.
  6. din

    Announcing the NEW Limited 818GY-1901 Mini-Loco!

    How soft will the blade be?
  7. din

    New teal Dragonfly s30v

    The Dragonfly will always be my favorite little-big knife.
  8. din

    Knife Center Exclusive Cru-Wear.

    Still annoying as hell not to list it OOS just ti keep sales coming in. I ordered one planning on it arriving in time for a trip on Monday. KC might have some decent exclusives, but they also suck big chock tunglers.
  9. din

    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    What's the steel on the EDC?
  10. din

    Arnis escrema ratan sticks

    Length/approx. diameter?
  11. din

    Native Chief

    So is it the Natura or the Endive?
  12. din

    Announcing the NEW 537 BAILOUT!

    I guess that's awesome if you need to sharpen it on a soggy graham cracker.
  13. din

    Announcing the NEW 537 BAILOUT!

    That's too bad. I was looking forward to picking one up.
  14. din

    Announcing the NEW 537 BAILOUT!

    What's the hardness?
  15. din

    An Unkindness of Ravens...

    A vault toilet of politicians.