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  1. Jonny1280

    Picture Thread

    Been playing with this badboy here lately.
  2. Jonny1280

    Thoughts on TwoSun knives

    Again, I never started this thread to be a pissing match between American made and Chinese made knives. Or dealers. Or how the knives are shipped, etc... I get the arguments. I really do. I buy US knives 99% of the time, but I also shop at Walmart... You know what I mean? That’s not what this...
  3. Jonny1280

    10k, 10-year BH Giveaway! - Winner selected on post 50!

    Congrats my man! Very cool giveaway Daizee!
  4. Jonny1280

    BK9 vs BK20 as a Chopper

    The 20 definitely hits harder as a chopper. The 9’s a better all-around jack of all trades.
  5. Jonny1280

    BK9 Question

    Cool knife. You don’t see many of those Desert variants pop up very often.
  6. Jonny1280

    BK15 Brass & Badass

    Good look. Especially that 62. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. Jonny1280

    How long for CitriStrip to work on BK2

    Yeah...Kleen Strip works like a champ. If the weather is warm or the knife is under a light bulb you can literally watch it bubble off the coating within a few minutes. Sometimes it takes a second coat to get all of it. I’d highly recommend it. Everybody seems to have issues with the citrus stuff.
  8. Jonny1280

    10k, 10-year BH Giveaway! - Winner selected on post 50!

    Congrats on the impressive milestone Daizee! A very generous giveaway indeed. I’ve always been a fan of your work. Okay...I own 3 or more Beckers. Here they are: BK-6, BK-Siegle, BK-9, BK-4,BK-4, BK5, BK-15, BK-16 sg, BK-16 sg, BK14 (K-9 Handler Valentines Day Special), BK-11, Camillus BK-11...
  9. Jonny1280

    benchmade, spyderco, paragon - price drops

    I’ll take the Benchmade Griptillian 551-1 please.
  10. Jonny1280

    SOLD Hinderer XM18 3.5" Vintage Smooth Walnut Scale

    DM for pics?... Seriously. Post pics of what you’re selling.
  11. Jonny1280

    3 Flashlights $old(Fenix, Klarus, Olight

    I’ll take both Fenix lights PD32 and UC35 per PM. Thanks.
  12. Jonny1280


    On the 7th day God rested...and that’s when Tradewater took over! so glad to see this thread again. Thanks Dubz! Haha
  13. Jonny1280

    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    I was super excited to see that Ka-bar had finally, FINALLY made a Becker folder! The day has finally come!! But I, like most here am very disappointed in seeing the steel used, the wire clip, and more importantly the Made In China stamp. Ughh... With that being said... There is A LOT that I...
  14. Jonny1280

    Warrior how is the recovery going?

    Just seeing this Dubz... Get well soon please.
  15. Jonny1280

    Discontinued Becker knives

    Super easy. Dear Ka-Bar, - Bring back the Machax. Period. - Bring back the Magnum Camp. Period. - I’m partial to the Moses Bowie so if you could bring that back that would be nice. - Bringing back the Patrol Machete would definitely be a boss move. So do that too please. Thank you so much...
  16. Jonny1280

    Beckerheads, let's roll (Beckerhead Member List SIGNUP THREAD)

    Congrats @DeadEyeIce ! Welcome to the fold! New guy buys the first round. And I’ll be damned @Crag the Brewer I could have sworn you were official for the last couple of years.... anyway, congrats on the title brother! About time...:D
  17. Jonny1280

    Winter Southern Oregon Hike

    Great pics Brome! Thanks for sharing my man! I sure missed getting down to Oregon for BeckerWest this year. Let’s hope we can do it again soon.