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  1. Heirphoto

    Heirloom knives/ Knives you plan on passing on after you go

    As I get older I find I have less uses for a pocket folder. I will likely just keep my damascus Sebenza 21 user and my daughter and her husband will get it along with my Case/Bose cattle knife. Nothing else is special to me. I have a Victorinox Super Tinker left to me by a favorite uncle but...
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    Collecting duplicates/variations...

    I have this "problem" as well and someone dubbed it being a " completionist". If I buy something.....knife, tool, vintage camera, etc, I then somehow need every variant or sequential model made before or after until the series or sequence is complete. Its a sickness I tell you !
  3. Heirphoto

    Overused and/or trite words of the Knife World

    Found in a for sale post: "Brand new in box, I probably carried it only a week or two" (it was priced as a user so still a good deal)
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    What’s happened to new Hinderer xm-18’s?

    Looked a few months ago and slim pickings everywhere. Secondary market prices were up to compensate
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    Knife you're embarrased to own or admit purchasing?

    I owned a few Striders before I knew the back story and bought two Survive knives on the secondary market even though I knew the back story. Sold them all. Edit: oh yeah, the were a few Emersons and Medfords too.
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    Postal Packages

    Had a package shipped from York Pa on Tuesday headed to Baltimore. Scanned in at York on Tuesday, made it to Lancaster by late night, was scanned in Washington DC yesterday afternoon and today it is completely missing from my informed delivery and tracking has defaulted back to "information not...
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    SOLD: PM2 S30V DLC gently used (Maxamet PM2 withdrawn)

    Got too many twos here, a few need to go: WITHDRAWN Spyderco PM2 Maxamet, like new in box, unused, not carried, handled a few times and back in the box, comes with box, papers, bag, desiccant pack. Smooth action, centered blade, no lock stick, factory edge $195 PP G&S shipped in USA WITHDRAWN...
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    Your most disappointing knife purchase

    I thnk most slotted head screw issues are from people not using a driver that fully fills the slot. The hardware was one of the few thing I did like on my Emerson.
  9. Heirphoto

    Your most disappointing knife purchase

    Pretty much every Emerson I have owned was a disappointment. I should know better but every few years get sucked into the hype again and try one. New or used, all bad. No detent, no retention and rarely centered. I also sadly have to say nearly half the second hand knives I have bought (here...
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    Buck Buck 112 Slim Select:

    I have the 110 version in neon green. Owned it about a year I think. Grind matches side to side, came reasonably sharp and so far has held a usable edge. Just perceptable side play, none up and down. I use it as my garden knife. Cuts twine, opens potting soil bags, harvests heads of lettuce...
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    Case Tony Bose Collabs pic and discussion thread.

    Nice to see that there is still at least one more collaboration knife. I wonder if there were other designs talked about for "down the road" that might still possibly be produced or if this will be the end. Would be cool to see them continue with a Reese Bose collaboration model at least once...
  13. Heirphoto

    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    Well, the S110V deal fell through and the only one available was missing the tip. Looked at an early 440V then stumbled on an M4 w/DLC blade at not much more than the S110V and with just enough wear I won't feel bad about throwing it in my pocket. Done deal and it is on its way. Thanks for all...
  14. Heirphoto

    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    Decided to go with an S110V from a forum member. Doubt I will have any regrets with that steel (till sharpening day eventually rolls around)
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    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    Blurple S110V is winning me over.
  16. Heirphoto

    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    Yeah, but that makes too much sense :) Everytime I buy the plain vanilla version of something and like it I then wished I had got a "better" version.
  17. Heirphoto

    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    I had one of those before they went sky high $$ but didn't care for the orange. May just go for an S30V unless I stumble on a Super Steel user since I have no burning desire for one particular steel and that this will not be my primary knife. More of a fun addition and why I was interested in a...
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    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    Looking to pick up a Millie (full size) but debating what steel to go with. Thinking of 52100 or maybe S110V unless something else is better. Tarnish does not bother me and I do want a long lasting edge. Not to be abused (prying, chopping, zip ties, etc... just cardboard, food prep, household...
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    GM and Spydies

    Message sent on PM2