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    Damascus supplier for a clever?

    Thanks everyone. I ended up purchasing a billet from Alabama damascus, the width was only 3 7/16" OAW though, wasn't able to find anything wider on his website.
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    Damascus supplier for a clever?

    Greetings fine folks. I'm a hobbyist knifemaker (stock removal) and I'm desperately looking for a supplier that sells 4" wide Damascus. I want to make a clever/veggie chopper out of 1084/15n20 but I'll suffice with 1095/15n20 or similar. Really having a hard time finding billets and bars wider...
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    Tanto / Kiridashi Hybrid

    I've been following this forum for years, today's my first post! This is a custom made hybrid Tanto / Kiridashi Gentlemen's utility knife, made from D2 Tool steel. The blade has been acid etched and sharpened to a wicked edge. The scales are made with exotic woods: Jatoba, Claro Walnut, Ebony...