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  1. zigsz71

    Does CRK offer blade replacement?

    I have gone from an insingo blade to a drop point via CRK, but I did it in late 2019. They stopped offering this when the 31 went into full production (January 2020). They still (and will continue to) offer blade replacements for warranty issues, as they do small runs here and there of 21 blades...
  2. zigsz71

    Is this legit

    Post this up on one of the CRK FB groups as well ... there are people there that work for CRK and might be able to give further insight. That being said, I’ve never seen one like this before so I would err on the side of caution.
  3. zigsz71

    ZT0303 Strider/Onion

    Still available?
  4. zigsz71

    Collection for sale. Spydercos, ZT, Hinderer

    More pics of the xm-18 please. Thanks
  5. zigsz71

    Cruwear Shaman sold

    I’ll take it per our emails! Thanks
  6. zigsz71

    Cruwear Shaman sold

    I’m interested. Email me please my BF username at yahoo dot com. Thank you!
  7. zigsz71

    Wood Inlaid 31 with Damascus

    They will be made. CRK just hasn’t gotten around to those yet.
  8. zigsz71

    Spyderco GB2

  9. zigsz71

    Sharpening CRK’s for edc use

    20* per side seems to be the sweet spot for all of my CRK’s. Once the factory edge goes, they all get a ride on the wicked edge for a reprofile.
  10. zigsz71

    Sebenza jimping

    Just counted to be sure ... my 21 does in fact have 21 “dips” in the jimping. I don’t have the exact build date right now but the code on the inside of the scales is A-18 so it was made somewhere around the first or second quarter of 2018.
  11. zigsz71

    SOLD ZT 550 BW Blue/Black G10

    Meaning, I’m second in line to buy in the event that you don’t for whatever reason.
  12. zigsz71

    ZT ZT ZT

  13. zigsz71

    Hinderer, Emerson, Kershaw and MORE! PRICE DROPS!!!

    Pictures of the Hinderer to [email protected] please. Thanks!
  14. zigsz71

    Think my 21 pivot needs loctite

    It seems to be a 50/50 shot as to whether you’ll ever have a pivot back out or not with use. I’ve had this happen with a couple of my Sebenza’s... I just put a small dab of blue loctite on the pivot and snug the it back down. Nothing crazy, but a bit snug. Of the ones I have done this to, they...
  15. zigsz71

    CKF Morrf 5 - sold

    Good afternoon all. Up for discussion today is a CKF Morrf 5. NIB. Has been carried around the house and flipped a couple of times but never used. Comes with everything from the factory except the chocolate. $old No trades please. The sebenza and the sigil are sold.
  16. zigsz71

    CRK, CKF, Microtech

    CRK and Microtech are gone.
  17. zigsz71

    CRK, CKF, Microtech

    Good afternoon all. Up for discussion today are 3 beaut's: 1) Large Sebenza 21 Cocobolo inlay. Has been carried once but has not been used so I'm listing as LNIB. Comes with everything from the factory. $old 2) CKF Morrf 5. NIB. Has been carried around the house and flipped a couple of...