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    What SAK are ya totin' today?

    I was gently reminded this is a pic thread.
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    What SAK are ya totin' today?

    Oh, so literally every other person on the planet.
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    WE Banter / Ferrum Forge Stinger & Mini Archbishop

    I cannot find the relists. How are they listed?
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    If you had to pick one Victorinox, which one would it be?

    I wanted a small sak for work (hospital chaplain) so I opted for the Pioneer X Alox. It meets my needs.
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    TRM ATOM!!

    Or, oooooor people can stop snatching them up to allow others to have easier access to these beauties.
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    Ultimate ECD

    Are you sure you didn't mean OCD? Nevermind, that's just my disorder popping up.
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    Cold Steel American Lawman gets dull too fast

    The left side absolutely makes a raspier sound.
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    Cold Steel American Lawman gets dull too fast

    Might be. How do I fix that? Just keep sharpening?
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    Cold Steel American Lawman gets dull too fast

    I have the S35vn version and once I get it sharp (which takes me forever on a Sharpmaker) it gets dull fast just cutting cardboard. Am I expecting too much or do I need to put a different angle on it?
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    clearance due to health reasons

    Easy way to post pics
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    Spyderco Kitchen knife

    I just need a decent all purpose kitchen knife. Tired of the cheap chinesium my wife has.
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    Spyderco Kitchen knife

    Thanks! I looked up "Spyderco Kitchen Knives" and a lot popped up, just not the one I wanted. Looked up "z-cut" and found it.
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    Spyderco Kitchen knife

    Eric mentioned a $20 bd1 kitchen knife (if I remember correctly). Any idea when these will be available?I coming up with gift ideas.
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    The One Knife

    I might need to grab a Manix. Don't worry Delica, again, you'll always be The One.
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    The One Knife

    I went through a phase several months ago where I just had to have a PM2. That of course led to other "needs." A Domino (or two), a Buccaneer, a ZT0562, perhaps something else I'm forgetting. During the acquisition stage I picked up an unassuming Delica here that has been modified a hair...
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    Leatherman Skeletool CX & Sidekick

    I apologize, I don't have access to pm's and I couldn't find your email address on your profile page.
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    Photos Warren Thoma MSR-1 in CPM-154

    Thanks, Contact made