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    Favorite stone for setting bevels and minor repair?

    They are nice to sharpen on, big old Cadillac’s. Another option is to get the replacement stones and roll with a over size stone holder. A cheaper option that works really well too.
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    Favorite stone for setting bevels and minor repair?

    Norton crystolon stones in a 313, big stones for big jobs.
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    Anyone use a stone from”Wild Whetstones”

    Like your shipping costs or because you don't sell them? There are lots of reasons some one might choose a natural stone but I won't waste any more of my time to explain it to you.
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    Anyone use a stone from”Wild Whetstones”

    Your missing out on some great experiences, but ignorance is bliss.
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    Anyone use a stone from”Wild Whetstones”

    Ocean jasper is a type of jasper from Madagascar, just what Ancient Ocean jasper is I don't know. It looks like a jasper that isn't nice enough for cabochons. Far as I can tell there isn't much difference between the Agates, Jaspers and petrified woods. I use them as a post finisher for razors...
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    It followed me home (Part 2)

    Nice haul! The stone on that grinder is very different than what is commonly found on the bigger treadle grinders. Most of those came from Ohio and were called Berea grit. What do you think of that stone?
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    Soft Arkansas: too fine? (density)

    I have seen nothing produces a finer edge than the agates, jaspers or petrified woods. Perhaps the diamond pastes but I don't mess with the stuff.
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    looking for info on this "SENTRY" axe

    The Sentry axes I have seen were dead ringers for 1970's era Collins-Mann.
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    Genuine Norlund hatchet

    The Swedish makers actually did some pretty nice stuff back in the day, AB Sater particularly comes to mind. They had to compete in the American market. I'm guessing it was in the sixties and seventy's that things really went to crap, as it did here too.
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    Help with axe head.

    It's a "Woodslasher". Maybe a 2 1/4 lb boys axe? It's not particularly valuable but it's a pretty nice head to be cutting up. The Woodslasher was their economy line but still a a fine axe with nice geometry that is no longer available today. It would make a very nice user and boys axes are very...
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    Authentic Trade Spike Tomahawk or Ice Hatchet ?

    As always I have more questions than answers. :( It's a difficult question for me to determine where one pattern leaves off and another begins. We have not brought up the boarding axe yet. Perhaps it is the parent to these other patterns?
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    Authentic Trade Spike Tomahawk or Ice Hatchet ?

    The geometry brings up a very good point and the only ice axes I have seen (from pictures) do indeed have a rounded bit. Do they all?
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    ID two hatchet heads

    The first hatchet is really interesting. I suspect a hardened poll due to lack of mushrooming and the small chipping. Presbrey probably learned of the hardened poll when he tried to press his name into it. It is a later all steel axe.
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    Authentic Trade Spike Tomahawk or Ice Hatchet ?

    Tomahawks were a status symbol among native Americans (and others as well), deadly for sure but still a status symbol. I just don't believe anyone used a pipehawk to chop wood. I suppose the differences between an axe and a tomahawk could be open for debate. Tomahawks and Hatches: Part 2 of 3 –...
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    Straight Razor brand and model?

    You can't possibly know what you will like until you try them and gain some skill in their use. Many different grinds and configurations out there and for a reason, we don't all like the same thing. Personally I don't fool with new razors as I can pick up vintage ones much cheaper. Vintage...
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    Help on axe identification

    Plumb had rounded ears. Just a guess.
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    Recommendation? Sharpening stones or sharpening systems?

    I don't know what a guided system would have to offer anyone that can free hand? It's really not that hard and the skill will follow you for the rest of your life. I think I could set anyone down that really wanted to learn and have them doing pretty well in about fifteen minutes.
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    I don't think I can private message you as I am not a gold member.
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    Very kind of you. I do love a Kamisori shave.
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    I store mine in cigar boxes.