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  1. J

    Ever get people on the street that flip because you have a knife?

    Not yet but when they do I'm screaming "I NEED THE KNIFE FOR PROTECTION FROM THE VOICES IN MY HEAD SAYING TO KILL THE NEXT PERSON TO TALK TO ME!" Then keep on shopping.
  2. J

    Ever heard of GSM Outdoors? They just bought Cold steel.

    Can't wait for the video that involves CS and drinking urine. That's the warriors life there.
  3. J

    What's the story with Böker?

    Imagine the disappointed look a person would have on their face after being stabbed by one of those.
  4. J

    Well...It's Friday...

    Crap, I hate the weekend. I work harder on the weekends than I do at work. Also add into the mix trying to entertain a picky woman too. Shit wish I was single I'd hold down 2 full time jobs. :(
  5. J


    Find old med voyager. I gave mine to my brother when he deployed to the sandbox and he lost it.
  6. J


    I miss the old Voyagers.
  7. J

    Blades & Beef

    What kind of knife is that?
  8. J

    Blades & Beef

  9. J

    420hc. Good? Bad?

    No! You'll die a horrible death if you use 420hc. The woods are full of the corpses of Buck 110 and Gerber owners. Save yourself and drop at lest $500+ on a super steel knife. ;)
  10. J

    Hi, I'm new to knife making throw ur tips at me!

    What Forger if Fire. Don't burn down your house. Good luck to you.
  11. J

    Knives and Coffee

    Sorta coffee like spam is sorta meat.
  12. J

    Anyone knows what's happening with Al Mar Knives?

    The 007's man bring back some feels from back in the day!
  13. J

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Page 666 when does Satan show his spydies!
  14. J

    Food and Blades

    The tail is different
  15. J

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    I have a deer antler on my keychain for those days. Pointy and hard and just tell anyone who asks its part of your religion. Just like Ol' Elisabeth Warren. They're cheap on ebay so don't fret if you have to toss it and just tell the twat in blue you'll get another this fall.
  16. J

    How it ends

    Darn. Thought this was a GoT thread.
  17. J

    Knives & Pens

    I like this thread. You have the wright idea!;)
  18. J

    What has collecting taught you about yourself?

    It taught me that I have more dollars than cents.