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    Anyone carry credit card knife/ muti tool?

    The Victorinox Swisscard Lite is an amazing wallet multitool if a person ever has a use for any of the gadgets it packed into a convenient card shape. I don't really see the point in the all-metal ones with hex slots, etc., but I'm not really ever likely to be in a situation where I'll need to...
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    The "Killer Whale" has Arrived (Chinese Knife)

    Sure. Right after the country's government "gets over" its inhumane practices. Some purchases can't be helped, but when there's an equal choice available, trade/tax/tariff expenditures may just as well go towards supporting governments which are more humanitarian. Eh, whatever. Buy what you...
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    I really don't understand selling knives...

    People who sell hobby items generally understand their own tastes well enough to know which qualities in those items they find attractive, and which qualities they find not to their tastes. Tastes generally do not simply randomly change with the passage of time and experience, they often rather...
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    Cold Steel Steals the Wave. No doubt about it.

    Reading that this post was from STR really surprised me until I looked at the 2006 date... The ironic thing is that out of all the posts I've read about the "Emerson opener," STR (in 2010) actually made the absolute strongest case for pocket opening devices being fair game out of any I'd read...
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    What ZT collaboration would you like to see next?

    I'd always wanted to see something from Ikoma:***Wharning!-Graphic-Croc-Photos*** Though the person who mentioned Yuna knives was an excellent suggestion as well...
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    Seriously what is up with MT!

    There's no excuse for Microtech and Boker, however... The 770 is a completely different knife from the 777, and I can't really think of it as a substitute for Kershaw releasing a production version of the 777. One is a linerlock, while the other is a framelock-style, then one is a smaller...
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    Kershaw Speedform 2 - Is there a reason nobody suggests it?

    Every time I see it, I'm reminded that I'm still a bit sore they didn't make the original speedform a regular production. Though I'm certain the #2 is an excellent knife on its own merits.
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    Buck "Heritage" Hoodlum costs 2.5x as much? ($400+)

    The description lists it as being the same steel, and the description also says it doesn't even include a sheath (so it's actually LESS useful than the original)... I want to like Buck as a company, but that knife at that price is just an insult to their customers...
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    What are you opinions on SOG?

    Has anyone mentioned how SOG stole the Delica/Endura designs from Spyderco, yet?
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    Microtech Fixed Blades?

    Also, they blatantly stole the design of the 777 from Kershaw/ZT, and design theft is something I consider ethically unpardonable in the knife industry. If people have MT knives they may as well enjoy them, but MT have...
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    Can a knife blade tip be used as a glass breaker?

    It's probably a bad idea, and not one guaranteed to work--I've heard stories of knife blades snapping while trying to break glass with the tip. I have shattered a glass bottle by impacting it with a cheap, beater, quarter-inch bladed tanto before, but the amount of force I had to use would...
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    Is the Benchmade opening hole wrong?

    The BBL uses a different spring format entirely... People have had the Benchmade omega springs break, but I haven't yet heard of a single BBL spring breaking.
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    Send pics of Benchmades with composite blades...

    I'm thinking the key word there is "custom," but if you post the picture other forumites might be able to figure it out.
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    Something about the Blur?

    Sweet! I'll probably have to end up getting one, then!
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    Something about the Blur?

    Does it have the detent to keep the blade closed properly without the speedsafe? I've been curious about the Blur as well... =)
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    0200 standoffs

    I wouldn't be surprised if the handle was designed with a slight taper to it, and the different sizes are to accommodate that feature. (I've heard some custom makers prefer tapering their handles). If it's a Kershaw product, I doubt the differences in size are in any way unintentional.
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    Thank you kershaw.

    China's current government has a poor record on basic human freedoms. This is an important issue to me, and so I take it into account when considering purchases between equal-priced alternatives. I like imports. But the less of my money that can be used to pay a tribute to an oppressive...
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    Group hug for thomas.

    Kershaw is the knife company I trust most. Kershaw knife designs are some of the most ergonomic, strongest, and innovative around. Their customer service thoroughly fixes any issues without nickel and diming the customer (Only member of the "Big 3" quality makers which doesn't make you enclose...