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    BenchMARK knives?

    I recently heard of a knife company called Benchmark (not to be confused with Benchmade). Initially, I thought that Benchmark was another spin-off company trying to copy Benchmade due to the lettering and logo similarities between Benchmark and Benchmade. However, the knives that I've seen that...
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    Help me choose a new EDC

    Dude you should just go with a Kershaw.The Skyline, Chill, and so many other models are really affordable and they are exceptional blades. But if you have to go with the blades you listed, probably go with the Spyderco. Spyderco is well known for good ergonomics and their serrations combined...
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    Kershaw Scamp

    Great review dude. Don't you just looooooove kershaws? Awesome quality, awesome company, awesome price. Just can't stop buying them. In fact my fingers are just itching to wrap themselves around a scamp...
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    Inferior knives...

    Hey guys. I know there are tons of better brands out there (like Kershaw) but I recently got interested in these 'inferior' brands: Mtech or Dark Ops. I used to think that both brands were pretty much brands whose knives you would use for jobs that you wouldn't want to use a Spyderco Manix 2 on...
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    what's so good about emerson knives

    hmmm....very wise and sage advice. thanks for the opinions.
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    Official Kershaw/ZT Picture Thread!!! Let's see em!

    Kershaw Beacon w/ Serrations & Tungsten DLC coating - fav knife ever....and extremely affordable
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    what's so good about emerson knives

    I'm thinking of getting a tactical and of all the knife companies out there, I have to say that Kershaw has most of my interest(i do love kershaws...). However, I've heard tons of dudes saying that Emersons were good too so I checked them out. They seem to have fantastic customer service which...
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    What brand has the best serrations?

    kershaw serrations without a doubt. The rounded edge of the serrations pretty much guarantees that the serrations won't get caught in anything when you're cutting. Like Jcurd, spyderco is probably next but Kershaw is way at top.
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    Mantis knives vs Kershaw or Spyderco

    Alright...thanks everybody for the input. Will definitely save my money for more of those Kershaws & Spydercos!
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    Mantis knives vs Kershaw or Spyderco

    Whassup guys! I recently discovered a knife company called Mantis knives. They make some pretty cool looking knives with pretty good materials like S30v, 154CM, etc. and their prices are on par with Kershaw & some of the cheaper Spydercos. So I was wondering how Mantis knives actually compare to...