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    French Customs - Parmentier, Jourget, Picard, Lavialle

    More clear photos about Billy,please.
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    French Customs - Parmentier, Jourget, Picard, Lavialle

    14c28n on Billy? Stag cracked? used?
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    Spyderco Military CF/52100 Sprint - SOLD

    factory edge? no box and paper?
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    FS: Gimsmo Norseman....Never Carried, Never Used.....Brand New

    the same one from AZ?
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    Gareth Bull/PDW collab Invictus

    How about the blade? used or sharpened?
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    Spyderco Sprint Military

    C36CFTIP is Knifeworks Exclusive,not sprintrun.
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    Spyderco A selection of Sprint-Run Spyderco Military knives

    Emmm,clip and clip screws are not original.
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    PDW Specwar bnib ? used? carried? sharppened?
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    I‘ll take one. Can’t pm. i42sun is my friend.He'll pm to you,pay it and give you shipping address. Thanks.
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    2x Large Regular BG42 Sebenza

    Any other nib bg42 regular sebenza large for sale?
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    Large PDW Sebenza 21 and Umnumzaan

    2 scratchs on the scale below screws?
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    Benchmade Doug Riiter grip in m390

    carried? used? or shapenned?
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    Mix sale-production, customs, auto- good stuff, low prices

    Is the Dozier little workhorse centered?
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    Benchmade Freek M4 Jade scales limited edition

    paid My address PM by my friend i42sun.thanks.