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    Japan knife identification

    Jesus, who "sharpened" the poor thing?
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    Photos Is this a real Aitor Jungle King I?

    I'd like to thank everybody for posting this retro awesomeness, it's great to see this stuff. If you google "spy store" all you get is places selling teddy cams to guys trying to catch their wife boning the pool boy. I don't need that crap, I fired Juan Carlo a long time ago.
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    Photos Is this a real Aitor Jungle King I?

    Sensible shmensible. I want this now, lol. I'm a sucker for gimmicks like this. I need to get one and an Aston Martin from a guy named "Q" and I'm all set- Agent 00-Quarter-Pounder with Cheese reporting for duty.
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    Snooping on knives.

    Not anymore, I've had a couple guys give me weird looks thinking I was looking at something else. ;) JK, yeah. Sometimes. I've always felt somebody openly toting a big fixed blade (think combat bowie) in a restaurant was going overboard though - especially if they're the type of person that...
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    Am I The Only One Who Can't Stand Thumb Studs?

    You could always go the balisong or automatic route. I do agree that with thumb studs placement is everything. I've handled some that are so poorly placed that it's almost impossible to extend my thumb properly to open the knife. Usually those are too close to the pivot. Somebody with...
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    They Arrved!

    That sheath on the right is outstanding. who made that?
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    It's time to call BUSSE

    They'll replace it, you learned a lesson. Be glad it's not some junker from a clone site that you'd never get any help from.
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    Spyderco bow river exclusive has hit

    Not every person in China eat dogs, many of them find the practice disgusting and a throwback from the bad old cultural revolution days when people were starving, especially the youth. Anyway, not a bad looking knife.
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    Ever heard of GSM Outdoors? They just bought Cold steel.

    There seems to be a lot of opinions on this, but let's remember LT could have just decided to retire completely, close the business, liquidate the machinery, location, remaining stock, any materials anjd the intellectual property piece by piece and told employees "thanks, good luck, today's...
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    I'm getting fed up with D.j. Urbanovsky American Kami

    So, finally, we get to the “ask”: Please help me by donating money to me directly via Paypal Friends & Family... also don't miss the part where he throws in his military service.. jfc
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    Ever heard of GSM Outdoors? They just bought Cold steel.

    Goodbye swords and blowguns and throwing stars and foam spray and all the other kooky stuff that was fun to look at. Sigh. If you want any of that you'd better get it now.
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    Chopping a turkey in half is as fun as it looks

    I hate canned cranberry sauce. that alone was worth the watch.
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    Esee Expat cleaver as a compact machet/chopper?

    Sounds like a job for a khukri.
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    Gil Hibben designed United Cutlery Knives - are they good or bad?

    I can't blame Gil for making a buck but if you want a good Hibben knife you'd need to actually contact the man himself, or his kid. The UC stuff looks nice but that's about it. If you commissioned a knife from the Hibbens directly i suspect you'd have a far more positive outcome.
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    Why Toolless Disassembly Should Be The Future of Knife Design

    I've never taken a knife apart except for a Ken Onion speedsafe style I replaced a torsion bar in. Everything else always gets washed in the sink with soap, dried and oiled if a hunting knife or just cleaned with a rag and oiled if a folder. For some knives- especially traditionals, I may use a...
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    Millit and Survive! Knives

    They'd have everything done by now if only that Blanchard didn't catch covid-19. The last thing you want right now is a contagious piece of machinery couching infected sparks all over you.
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    A handy tool from Tony Bose

    nail nick aside, that's a really nice choke tool.
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    Button lock wear? ‘Got a reply from the Knifemaker’

    Some people will never learn not to poop where you eat. The knifemaker blew it.
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    I've been cloned! (trying to take it as a compliment)

    Amazing that it's D2 AND S30V- a marvel of modern engineering for $30! What's even more remarkable is that if tested it comes back as AUS-6 but they'll throw that in for free.