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    What is your favorite edc?

    Native 5 lightweight. S35 VN, great texture, 50/50 choil, lock back, tang stays hidden even when closed, 3 inch blade, awesome shape.
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    How sharp is sharp enough - A personal thing?

    I sharpen at knife shows and other occasional events. I do it mostly to fund my addiction to knives. :)
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    How sharp is sharp enough - A personal thing?

    Since I sharpen semi-professionally, my edges have to be able to shave arm hair. That is my minimum requirement.
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    What is the most minimal, low-cost sharpening setup that still lets you get a good edge?

    Two sided stone and a leather belt...just like Grandpa. Our past generations (G.I. Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers) put in effort and time to achieve outstanding results. Our current generations (Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials) figured out faster and easier ways to do things "better"...
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    Do you lubricate a new knife?

    I oil and strop a new knife....unless it is dull; in which case I sharpen it.
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    High grit stones for the Lansky system

    To get the mirror polish just go from the 2000 grit to several compound loaded strops. I use my lansky all the time. I go all the way up to the blue sapphire stone (2000 grit). I then strop with Aluminum Oxide. Next is Chromium Oxide. Finally is either a bare leather strop or Iron oxide. I...
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    How to clean sand from a spyderco

    Place it in a 1 gallon zip-loc bag and take it apart. The bag prevents you from losing the screws and keeps the lock spring from launching across the room. Take it out, clean it and oil it. Then place it back in the bag to reassemble (applying pressure on the lock spring during assembly can...
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    How often do you recharge your strop?

    the only time I clean a strop is if I purchase a used one. I like vintage strops however some of them can be very dirty. I often use my own home made strops though and never clean them. I just re-apply a layer of compound as the metal builds up on the strop. Since they are home made from...
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    Spraying WD-40 on a folder?

    Gold Cup paintball oil. It is built for synthetics.
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    Your experience sharpening super steels? I understand. Thank you for the details I was missing. :)
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    Your experience sharpening super steels?

    AKA if there's enough heat to alter the shape of the carbides there is also more than enough heat to alter the matrix steel they sit in?
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    Your experience sharpening super steels? I see what you mean. Since the carbides won't be abrasively altered, wouldn't the friction/heat build up from the stone alter them?
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    Your experience sharpening super steels?

    I see your point. If that is the case, as the "soft" steel surrounding the carbides is abraded away by the stone, won't it remove those carbides and expose new ones? Isn't this effectively sharpening the blade?
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    Your experience sharpening super steels?

    It's all about the relative hardness of the material. Hardened steels come in at 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, even super steels. Carborundum and Silicon Carbide come in at 9. Natural stones will work just fine so long as you know the hardness of your stone. The same goes for...
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    Your experience sharpening super steels?

    The super steels can be a pain to sharpen...because they are so durable. I was sharpening a Strider SNG for a customer a couple months ago. It took me about 20 minutes to sharpen and strop on my Lansky set up. It wasn't that big of a hassle but I did notice a distinct difference. Yet that...
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    Shun Classic Chef Knife -- Honing and/or whetstone?

    It comes down to the hardness of your knife steel Vs the honing rod. It also depends upon what kind of honing rod you have. Diamond and Ceramic rods will remove material. Steel honing rods might remove material if their hardness is higher than your knife steel. I usually follow the same...
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    knife cleaning

    WD 40 is a great cleaner. Especially with 00 steel woo. Wisdom means having the ability to admit what you don't know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cryo Torsion Bar Replacement

    Kershaw's support is good. They will mail you one (probably 2). They have done that for me. Wisdom means having the ability to admit what you don't know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Knives you won't buy (and why)

    Agreed on all points.