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    Ruana Knife Vintage

    I see no pictures
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    Pair vintage Ruana knives

    IS the "little knife" stamped still available?
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    Ruana Knife Vintage

    I can probably tell you a little bit about it, but the pictures don't work for me. Is there a sheath?
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    Do you Lanyard your Sebenza/Inkosi?

    Love the look of the lanyard... Hate it on a user! So, I have all them removed. Pins are all in with small burnt mushroomed para-cord to prevent rattling or the pin falling out.
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    9 CRK's for sale. and a bonus

    I'll take both! I will email you now with request for payment info...
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    9 CRK's for sale. and a bonus

    Trying to figure out which one I would prefer and their bday's may help. Which do you prefer?
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    9 CRK's for sale. and a bonus

    I don't have PM'ing capabilities. What are their bday date?
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    9 CRK's for sale. and a bonus

    Are #8 and #9, The Sikayo's still available?
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    Vic Hangas Ruana Knives Bonner MT

    Follow-up, actually I found another Ruana that I had forgot about or didn't know I still had in my hunting pack. Yeah!
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    Vic Hangas Ruana Knives Bonner MT

    Wish I still owned half of the Ruanas I have obtained, sold, or traded over the years. More than a hundred, I would guess, have passed through my possession at one time or another. I believe I only own 4 Ruanas knives today and a hatchet. Prices got so high, I sold to downsize and keep just...
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    Introducing the Sebenza 31! (21 Is Being Discontinued)

    "Idaho Made" stamp? tough to see for certain, but it isn't noticeable. It's hard to even see the CR logo on Tim's knife in the video, but on the Micarta inlay photo I can spot it.... edit... nevermind, I spotted the "Idaho Made" stamp after watching the video for the fifteenth time.
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    Umnumzan Users - What are your experiences?

    I love mine... if fact, I am celebrating my Zaan's fifth birthday today, as well as my second sons third birthday! Happy birthday to both, don't know what I'd do without you.
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    Considering a Mnandi

    I really hesitated admitting my mistake on BF. Especially since I purchased off of the exchange, unused, from Lone Wolf. Sure hope she doesn't hunt me down.
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    On Amazon Italy some company sells a knife using Sebenza pictures

    Superfluous info... it's not a Sebenza. FAKE!!! I am not sure this makes any difference. Not a real Chris Reeve knife, or real Chris Reeve box, or correct CR logo.