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  1. rhino

    Question 1987 Buck 110FG

    I have acquired two of the same knife in the past because I really liked it and no other reason!
  2. rhino

    CRK Sebenza vs G&G Deadlock “craftsmanship”

    Sharpening is an interesting thing. I've handled customs and mid techs that were not very sharp, even though people raved about how sharp they were, as well as some that were properly sharpened for cutting. They all had nicely polished, very shiny edge bevels, but weren't good cutters in their...
  3. rhino

    Finally got a grail!!!!!

    That's tragic for multiple reasons! The first Spyderco I ever bought was a serrated Co-Pilot that I gave to my dad back in the late 1980s or early 1990s.
  4. rhino

    CRK Sebenza vs G&G Deadlock “craftsmanship”

    Meh, you can see it that way if you wish. My interest in the Sebenza started from the first time I saw an ad in Blade Magazine in 1990 or so, years before commercial internet access much less modern online forums existed. I can't help it of the uni-mind is strong enough to agree with me!
  5. rhino

    Best EDC (in your opinion) for under $50

    Buck 110 or 112 Cold Steel Voyager Civivi Praxis Ontario RAT 1 Opinel No. 9 or No. 10
  6. rhino

    CRK Sebenza vs G&G Deadlock “craftsmanship”

    I'm not part of the Bladeforums Uni-Mind (yet, anyway) and I don't know what a G & G Deadlock is. In my world, the CRK Sebenza is very much the benchmark for a folding knife. While it's probably true that some customs and mid techs equal or surpass Sebenza in multiple categories, most of them...
  7. rhino

    Finally got a grail!!!!!

    I'm one of the few remaining savages that actually prefers tip-down for most folders. I consider it a feature on the Military! 😁
  8. rhino

    Finally got a grail!!!!!

    It's good when people look out for you like that! A few years ago I was talking to my favorite knife dealer at a gun show and he offered sell the same Military model as yours to me. It had been his EDC for a while and he moved to something else. It rides clipped in the watch pocket of my...
  9. rhino

    Who still carries a Case Knife?

    A Case 6375CV from the 1990s. The shield fell out and got lost at some point. Last year the helpful and courteous Zippo/Case customer service department sent a replacement shield to me.
  10. rhino

    OPINEL. Which "larger" one should I consider for next purchase ?

    I like bigger knives, so the No. 12 is my favorite for using. The No. 10 is good for most stuff, though, and fits in a lot more places easily.
  11. rhino

    Most painful tomahawk injury

    My history with knife-related injuries is why I have never injured myself with a tomahawk, hatchet, or axe: because I don't try to use them! The folding saw is my friend.
  12. rhino

    Para military 2 vs 3 or any else?

    The Para 3 is probably a great box cutter, but your hand is going to get messy trying to reach the bottom of the peanut butter jar with that stubby blade!
  13. rhino

    Recommendation? Is a Rat 1 still worth it today?

    I'll check them out! Along the same lines are the Ka-Bar Dozier folders.
  14. rhino

    A quest for my ideal Stockman

    Anyone who doesn't love a good Stockman pattern can't really be trusted! I think that the Schrade Old Timer OT8 is about the ideal overall stockman that left a factory, but alas the "real" thing is no longer produced. My ideal stockman would actually be a mutant offspring. I'd like to have a...
  15. rhino

    Recommendation? Is a Rat 1 still worth it today?

    I don't know what that is! $23 for a RAT 1 is hard to beat, though. One overlooked advantage of AUS8 with a good heat treatment is how ridiculously easy it is to get a really thin, very sharp edge compared to just about any other steel. Edge retention isn't great, nor is corrosion resistance...
  16. rhino

    Serrated Edge vs. Straight Edge

    I prefer for non-serrated edges. I sharpen to a toothy, aggressive edge, so cutting rope and other fibrous material is no problem. I do recognize that serrated edges are more versatile than I previously believed. I used to think you could not carve wood with serrations, but I've seen too...
  17. rhino

    Para military 2 vs 3 or any else?

    From the "any else" department, I prefer the Military model. The blades on the PM2 and and especially the 3 are too short for my liking. The Military doesn't have the Compression Lock or 4-position clip, but I think it's a better cutting tool for actually use.
  18. rhino

    Recommendation? Is a Rat 1 still worth it today?

    There is at least one online vendor that has the AUS8 RAT 1 listed for $22.95, which makes it an even better deal.