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    Marfione Custom/Deryk Munroe Sigil Mk6 DLC 2-tone

    Will entertain reasonable offers. Thanks.
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    Enrique Pena Semi-Dirty Diesel

    Mint in pouch. Never carry or use. Bought this from another member here a while back. Same batch as the one featured in Jim Skelton video. $1000 shipped net to me.
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    Marfione Custom/Deryk Munroe Sigil Mk6 DLC 2-tone

    Sorry not looking for trade at this time.
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    Marfione Custom/Deryk Munroe Sigil Mk6 DLC 2-tone

    Looking to sell a very nice Marfione Custom/Deryk Munroe Sigil Mk6. I bought this knife directly from Jim Skelton and the condition is exactly as described in Jim's video with all the goodies. I added a lanyard and took some pictures but did not use or carry it. $950 shipped to your door. I will...
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    Recurved subhilt fighter

    Phillip, I just sent you an email. Thanks.
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    Birthday Drop Prices

    Happy Birthday! I will take the Nemesis if it is still available. Email sent to [email protected] Thanks.
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    I will take this if it is still available. Email sent. Thanks.
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    I love the composition of this knife. What is it? Thanks.
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    Boxes? I don't need no stinking boxes!

    Original box and paper always make it a little easier to sell an item. One person's trash can be someone else treasure. Some people actually only collect boxes. Check out the prices of old Colt boxes on gun broker...
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    How do you afford it all?

    I stop buying guns :D
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    My First Custom

    It is already happening :). Two of my favorite materials: Damascus steel and Mammoth tooth.
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    Awesome Credit Card Knife!! (I wantt!)

    One thing comes to mind when seeing these: Airport security. You will forget that you have it in your wallet...
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Mcusta Katana folder. Very nice little knife. Also ordered an Andre Van Heerden M44 yesterday which should be here Next Tuesday. Stock Picture
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    My First Custom

    Maker: Andre Van Heerden Blade length: 3.50 in. Total length: 8.10 in. Blade width: 1.20 in. Blade thickness: 0.13 in. Item weight: 5.00 oz. Blade: Satin finished premium M390 stainless steel Handle: Silver strike carbon fiber Style: IKBS liner lock folder with flipper
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    My First Custom

    Hi All, New guy here. I am venturing down the slippery slope path of custom knives and ordered an Andre Van Heerden M44 yesterday. I have feeling this will be a really expensive new found interest. So many beautiful knives and so much to learn ...