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    CTS XHP vs S30V

    Why do you avoid it like the plague?
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    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Just pre ordered an endura in k390 serrated edge via knife center. Hopefully KC recieves them soon. I’m sure Spyderco is tracking but hopefully with these delays and they’re not skimping on quality control to just get knives out the door.
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    Standard griptilian vs g10 cmp20sv griptilian

    Again thanks for the input everyone and thank for the side by side pic "FullMetalJackass". Ive decided im going with the g10 version, to get the best of the griptilian experience.
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    Standard griptilian vs g10 cmp20sv griptilian

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Would you say that regular griptilian feels cheap? This is a criticism I come across often and unfortunately I dont know of any local retailers that carry them, so Iam unable to actually hold one.
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    Standard griptilian vs g10 cmp20sv griptilian

    In terms of feel, is the difference significant? Aside from the superior blade steel is there any other appreciable difference between the two?
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    The redundancy of a deep carry pocket clip

    Aside from making the knife itself less visible, you could still see the clip, so what benifit is there to gain from this, aside from personal preference?
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    BenchMade Quality

    Thanks, appreciate for the input.
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    BenchMade Quality

    Hi there. As of date of this post, has benchmade quality control issues been resolved? I placed on order yesterday and would like to know what to most likely expect. Thanks