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    Sharping knives using Water Stones.

    I do it - using a gesshin 1000/6000 on all of my knives. CRK, spyderco, benchmade. Nothing too exotic. Edges are great.
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    Cutting board: Synthetic Rubber and Hinoki

    I use hi-soft for my kitchen needs and love them. Never going back to another board again. Have had a boos block, was too heavy for me to comfortably take to the sink and wash. Have used plastic, oxo, epicurean, random other ones, the hisofts are awesome. I use a few high end knives (kono fujis...
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    Alternative to Strider PT (recommendations)

    I appreciate everyone's help - happy to know there are some knives to hold me over until I can track down the msc pt again. Awesome suggestions all around. I've got a few knives on my short list but I just purchased a spyderco brouwer with casey lynch clip. Thanks all!
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    Alternative to Strider PT (recommendations)

    I've had many knives over the years and the one I really regret selling was a Strider PT MSC concealed carry. I loved the way it fit my hand. Unfortunately with Strider going out of business/not making knives, I haven't been able to find a CC PT for sale anywhere. I don't have the time to stalk...
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    Murray Carter kitchen knife collaboration

    Curious to see how these turn out. I've been wanting to add a funayuki to my rotation (almost got one of murray's customs) but I'll hold out until more info is posted. I've got a few nicer knives I'll put them up against (kono fuji, tsourkan, etc).
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    FS: Spyderco Para 2 and Benchmade Mini Grip

    pm sent - i'll take em both :) payment sent
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    McGinnis Mini Exos (pro line)

    sold, thanks bladeforums!
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    Emerson Mini Cqc-7 (custom poboy + extras)

    another huge price drop, lets get these sold this weekend.
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    Emerson Mini Cqc-7 (custom poboy + extras)

    lets do a price drop on both, maybe these were priced a bit high.
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    Emerson Mini Cqc-7 (custom poboy + extras)

    **SOLD** Thanks! Two glamour shots of the emerson
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    McGinnis Mini Exo - anyone have any info? (semi custom flipper)

    Looks like I have a new knife heading my way - McGinnis Mini Exo Pro Line. I can't find much info on it though and I haven't been in the knife loop too much as of late. It won't be coming for a while (long ship time) but I was wondering if anyone had it / had any experiences with it so I can...
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    Two Global Kitchen Knives

    gone! thanks bladeforums!
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    Benchmade Mini Ritter (M390) - priced to sell

    Knife gone. PM sent! You've got seconds in case anything falls through!
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    Benchmade Mini Ritter (M390) - priced to sell

    sold, will close when transaction is complete! This knife mainly sat at home and cut the tape off amazon boxes...moving it because I've got too many knives and saving up for some kitchen cutlery. Slightly off center but great lock up / no wobble. This still has the factory edge but could...
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    Emerson Mini Roadhouse + Benchmade MiniGrip (both priced to sell)

    Guess I priced those well - both are spf! thanks!