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  1. wyrm

    (SOLD) Morgan Koens Keen

    Has seen some pocket time and ferociously opened some mail. Morgan is currently sold out of this model. Comes with CF and G10 scale and case. $350 shipped with tracking. Payment by EMT preferred. Not my video but here is a review.
  2. FS


    for sale
  3. wyrm

    Medford On Belay

    Just one knife....two boxes :cool:
  4. wyrm

    Medford On Belay

    Full stonewash Ti frame, black coated D2. Buttery smooth action LNIB, both of them ;-) Can send any extra pics you request or video Looking to get $465 tyd, EMT preferred
  5. wyrm

    WTS - Zombie Tools Urban Bone Machete 300$

    What is the blade thickness on this? Please send me an e-mail (in my profile) thanks.
  6. wyrm

    Lets keep them in Canada :) - $10 off for Canadian buyers

    email sent on the st amour :)
  7. wyrm

    removing MY sig from posts

    I did not add this manually. All I can think is somehow either thru a policy change or software upgrade, where I was previously allowed a sig that privilege was revoked my original sig got incorporated into. my posts instead of being removed. My real name was in my sig line because 10+ years...
  8. wyrm

    removing MY sig from posts In this one there is my reply, A short dashed line My name A tag line A link to knifeforums (not sure why, some have this and some have a link to Canadian Knifemakers Guild site (which is under...
  9. wyrm

    removing MY sig from posts

    so my previously allowed sig, before the days of paid subscriptions and various levels of memberships, was made part of my post and to remove it I need to edit hundreds of posts to remove it?
  10. wyrm

    removing MY sig from posts

    I have no such box and I'm talking about all previous posts to this one
  11. wyrm

    removing MY sig from posts

    I get how to remove all sigs when viewing posts, but how to I edit my sig? From what I can see my sig has become part of my posts and not a seperate edit once/edit all event. suggestions?
  12. wyrm

    B10 confirmation email

    Busse Basic 10 Limited Edition with Choil #34 Busse Basic 10 Limited Edition No Choil #14 Appreciate the installment option from Busse otherwise no joy. Thanks Jerry and Crew!
  13. wyrm

    WTB- Big chopper /Camping gear

    email sent
  14. wyrm

    WTT Boye Basic 3 w/ Brass Lined Sheath WTT **See Photos**

    Still available? E-mail sent.
  15. wyrm

    Woodlore Prototype up for grabs - FREE Giveaway

    I think it would be a true camp knife; performing all small regular chores - food prep, whittling etc. Plus its a real good looking blade ready to use!