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    Bailey M3 framelock

    I'll take it. PM sent.
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Sloppy seconds?
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    G&G Hawk Deadlock

    This should work
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    Fun Friday Sale! Delta 3V Flipper!!!!!!!!

    I missed the fun part lol
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    SOLD, 20 Boot Daggers

    /me beats head against desk while grumbling aarrggghhh like an old pirate
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    Hand forged bottle openers

    Got mine. These things make popping a top effortless. Thanks again.
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    Hand forged bottle openers

    Any left? I need 2. Thanks
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    Bowie recurva sanmai **sold**

    Beautiful setup. Can't wait to see more.
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    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    I think he uses his lungs to filter that.
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    Microtech Halo VI T/E

    Looks like the box is wrong. It's for Tanto (T/E) Halo but the blade is single edge (S/E as marked).
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    SOLD, Forty 4" Boot Daggers, Delta 3V

    F#&@ing work. I'm gonna have to quit my job just to make the Friday sales.
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    Fun Friday Sale! DAGGERS!

    What ba ba ba boot dagger? Sounds like a crash the internet sale next week.
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    Sold, Mixed inventory

    Did someone say boot dagger?
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    DEK1 and some Blade Show inventory

    Boot dagger. Build it and they will buy it.
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    CPK Boot Daggers

    If you build it, they will buy it. Isn't that how the saying goes?