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    Recommendation? Looking for a quality watch for $300 Item weight 2.56 Ounces ! It says black face, but it's Midnight Blue. I can hardly tell I'm wearing a watch it's so light. Yes, there is a youtube video you have to watch to learn to...
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    What watch do you wear?

    I bought a unpolished 24mm stingray strap and cut it down to 20mm and sanded it..... Gv2 8300
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    Watches? Need one.

    Here it is, the GV2 8300 . Ebay around $400-$4000 (makes no sense), Jomashop had them on sale $389. I got one for $160 and another for $170, clasp a little scratched, Open Box Amazon. Below the Invicta was Jomashop sale for 49.99 free shipping The GV2 Gevril 8300, comes with a black leather...
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    Watches? Need one.

    If you got Prime, Amazon warehouse is a steal. I have gotten watches that were marked scratched and it was glue (sticker) mark. Lots are new old stock, so a watch from 2009 battery is gonna need replacing . Prime free returns if you really don't like it. Here are some........ The Vestal (top...
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    Got a belt and buckle question.

    Check out this guys work from Russia I think. Belt and watch band sets out of exotic stuff. Yea they cost 100's to 1000's but some amazing art in there.
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    What watch do you wear?

    Ecozilla on shark mesh
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    Got a belt and buckle question.

    Genuine Leather is like the lowest grade. Genuine leather does not necessarily mean that it is real leather. It means it is a genuine leather product. All-natural leather means that it is indeed made from the hide of an animal. Found that out looking at watch bands and leather types.
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    What watch do you wear?

    Motion Picture Prop money, $50 Chinese knife, Barton Strap. Everything else is branded.
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    TiSurvival Titanium Pry Bar Giveaway

    I am in, I like the blue but the one after 5 would be my pick
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    What watch do you wear?

    I bought a Timex, week later I had these.........I got the Citizen for $139 new in box no manual, Love Amazon warehouse deals, the Compass Casio for $40 new just repackaged (amazon warehouse) and the Seiko for $95 (not amazon) all free shipping . So Retail 415, 295, 99 = 809 IRL 250, 115, 60 =...
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    RAT-1 can't be beat.

    Rat 2 is 1 better ! It really is, so much better pocket fit. Rat 2 in the pocket, Rat 1 on the molle w/ the Black Rock Hunter, on the Bug Out bag. Look how perfect it looks in the middle.
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    Titanium toothpick with kydex sheath giveaway

    I'm IN, Multi color and Thank You !
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    Pocket knife wall holder

    I saw some tacks that where made out of spent shells. So, I stained a board with ebony stain and fired up the hot glue gun. I filled the shells with hot glue and added a finishing nail. .380, 9mm and some .45's. I drilled 1/16 holes and pushed the nails in.
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    Getting tools for my first pocket sheath, updated with pics of progress.

    I like pocket sheaths Or small leather things, here is a mini baseball glove I made for a ring display. or just small stuff........
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    Pics of customized production knives

    $4 dollar walmart knife