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  1. Prime Mover

    M390 Bohler 2,3 mm 5 knives in Carbon Fibre & G10 - All SOLD

    I’ll take the flint. Enjoy your 762.51PLN.
  2. Prime Mover

    SOLD TekLok

    That was fast. Congrats.
  3. Prime Mover

    the God Mars

    Thats a work of art. Very nice. Keep up the good work. What about a bear themed one (since the bear does symbolize Russia, right?)
  4. Prime Mover

    Gollik - Elmax **SOLD**

    Very nice.
  5. Prime Mover


    What is condition?
  6. Prime Mover

    added Video !!!1 Only here can we see the unique knife.

    The only real question is whether you will use these for evil and give them to Sardo Numspa or you will use them for good to save the Golden Child. Let him who hath understanding reckon the quality of these knives.
  7. Prime Mover

    SOLD, 50, CPK Utility Field Knife, Delta 3V

    Black linen micarta with tec lok please Ninjo
  8. Prime Mover

    Frost fixed blades......$$65!!!

    Are these the ones they used to sell on the cutlery corner infomercials late at night? (with the dude with the sweet mullet always adding numerous blades to the deal)
  9. Prime Mover

    AgorEDC with Vanadis 4E and Cwaniak with Elmax

    And I just bought it from Jeff. So thanks to the both of you. Very nice blade Adam. Top notch work and a great value.
  10. Prime Mover


    Are these available for sale?
  11. Prime Mover

    Miller Bros Blades M-8

    That thing looks like it was forged in the fires of Mordor. And from Miller bros youtube vids, it cuts like it too.
  12. Prime Mover

    Carothers HDFK, Bark River Gunny, Kornalski Agor EDC

    I’ll take the AK Agor. Please send paypal info
  13. Prime Mover

    Knife Research Enki

    Lookses to be in goods “conditions”. GsLsWsTsSs
  14. Prime Mover

    Bark River Bravo EDC, ZT 0180

    Got it. Sold to me. Exactly as described. Great seller, great communication.
  15. Prime Mover

    Aramis Akhmedov

    Got my grand line carbon fiber 3D scales from him for my para 2 m390. He does outstanding work. Some of the best carbon fiber and precision millwork I have ever seen. Im buying more from him. If you have any doubts, dont, he does excellent work.Everything fit perfect.
  16. Prime Mover

    Big sale! Microtechs, ZT’s and Spyderco’s

    Received the m390 pm2. Flawless as described. Thanks
  17. Prime Mover

    Ken Onion DLC Slacker

    Awesome knife. Im jealous. GLWTS.