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  1. J

    Curtis Nano & Carrillo M5 (Scout 250)

    Both are still available (I forgot about these) (my desk drawers are huge)!
  2. J

    Oakley Flak and Maui Jims

    I’ll take the Jim’s
  3. J

    Scott Cook “Lochsa”

    Jump in the for 2nds. Killer score.
  4. J

    Curtis Nano & Carrillo M5 (Scout 250)

    Good afternoon everyone. I have a Curtis Nano that I couldn't get into carrying, and a Carrillo monster that...well, it's a freaking beast! Trades welcomed! Just ask! But I'm picky. The Nano. Carried a day or 2. Blade looks unused, and the frame is stonewashed, so it hides a lot of ills...
  5. J

    Microtech Bounty Hunter (P/E) Tanto

    SOLD. Will PM with details. Thanks BF!
  6. J

    Microtech Bounty Hunter (P/E) Tanto

    Good day everyone. For sale is a lightly used Bounty Hunter. Looks all fucked up and gnarly, but that's the way it was designed! I'll give it a 9/10, just because I've never used it for anything but paper & tape. And seriously, the finish on these will hide all ills! **SOLD**$310 shipped...
  7. J

    Handmade Guitar Picks: Wood, G10, Micarta, Kydex, Holstex

    Those are very cool. And the python micarta is great.
  8. J

    SOLD - Pena Custom Dingo - (User)

    Yeah, the membership apparently expired yesterday. We are good now. PM incoming.
  9. J

    SOLD - Pena Custom Dingo - (User)

    Bitchin. Trying to send a PM now
  10. J

    Atwood Bermuda Triangle titanium $70

    I’ll take The zirc w/ the spinner