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    Learning to use a Bevel Grinding Jig

    You can use math to calculate the angle. Let's say your stock thickness is T, the height of the grind is H, and the thickness at the edge is E. You can get the angle alpha=atan((T-E)/(2H)). A digital angle gauge (Wixey gauge) might be helpful. I don't know how to best use the jig, hopefully...
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    2021 Summer Kitchen Kith

    Interesting to see the difference between the two felts. Did you do the entire bevel with the felt or did you use a platen first? I just recently started using felt and I'm still experimenting with it. I was planning to do the saya from two pieces and chisel out a recess for the blade in one...
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    2021 Summer Kitchen Kith

    I finished grinding two of the nakiri last weekend, but decided to make new ones for the KITH that are slightly longer (170mm). I'll finish the other two and keep one for myself and give one to a friend. This morning, I heat treated the new nakiri blanks. One is straight as an arrow, which is...
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    Efficient annealing clean up

    Have you tried a carbide drill bit instead of annealing?
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    widening a billet with press?

    What are the two holes in the quick change holder for? It looks like they line up with the original bolt holes, but you mention the new holder is welded on. It might be worth protecting the threads somehow if you think you might need them again someday. I guess new dies you make would not have...
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    2021 Summer Kitchen Kith

    I started reading @Jason Fry's "Next Level Knife Making" book and he has a section titled "Take Advantage of Social Pressures" early on in the book. The section is all about forcing yourself to get better through some form of social pressure, whether it is through friendly competition with...
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    Paid heat treatment in the EU

    I just googled the German term "Stahl Härteservice" and got three knife specific services on the first page ( in Germany, in Germany and in Austria).
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    Lightweight Scale/Handle Material?

    I don't think an ultralight backpacker would ever use 550 cord, it's just way too heavy compared to Spectra/Dyneema or Vectran.
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    Can anyone see the House Work youtube videos ?

    Videos play and I can go to the main account page as well.
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    2021 Summer Kitchen Kith

    Maybe you can use alignment pins and get most of the work done before gluing. It seems a lot less stressful.
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    2021 Summer Kitchen Kith

    That looks great. Are you going for an S-grind as well? With a faceted handle like that, do you grind that mostly before you glue the scales to the knife?
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    Finger saver ring

    I'm not sure if carbide is a great idea unless it is very thin. On similar gadgets I've made, the ledge always wears away until it is the same thickness as the spine of whatever knife I'm grinding. If you had a carbide ledge that is thicker than the spine and does not wear, I think what LCoop...
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    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    That turned out really nice. I have not seen multi-colored C-Tek like that before.
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    Damascus billet

    That's awesome. Do you have any pictures and/or video of the press?
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    Mounting elements on oven ceiling

    JT posted where he buys his rods just recently here: Heat Treat Oven Completed To save you a click, here is the direct link:
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    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    You pictures did not show up. I've included them below. What handle material is that?
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    2021 Summer Kitchen Kith

    I ground one, but I'm not really happy with it. The edge is a bit thinner in one spot. I spent a long time trying to even things out, but didn't quite get it. I hope the next one will be a bit more even. First thing Monday I have an appointment with the eye doc, maybe a stronger prescription...
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    Finger saver ring

    A similar product is available from in two sizes and two materials. They are a bit pricey, though.