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  1. mrn8

    A new family member...The BK-18 Harpoon....

    Oooh...I like it! I always love a knife that gives your knuckles some clearance when using it in the camp kitchen. That curve should make a for a nice and slicey experience.
  2. mrn8


    Merry Christmas to you too, Ethan! Merry Christmas Beckerheads all!
  3. mrn8

    Recommendation? Which one? BK 2 or BK 10

    Between those 2, I'd got for the BK10 any day, unless you need to dismantle a tank. I've finally unpacked all my knives and sharp toys since moving last May, so the inventory is fresh in mind. The fact that I now have 3 BK10s and no BK2s kind of says it all for me.
  4. mrn8

    A New Joy.....

    Congrats on the new edition! I came here to see if there was any chatter about it. My copies are well-used and well-loved. The 1943 edition and 75th Anniversary edition get uses a lot.
  5. mrn8

    Azwelke BK16 sheath GAW

    Not in, unless I buy another, but good luck all and thanks Azwelke!
  6. mrn8 20th Anniversary Year of Giveaways, Week 9: KA-BAR Becker K&T BK4 Machax!

    Buzzer beater! Count me in, thanks! A little BK-4 camp action:
  7. mrn8

    Snarking in a Becker Wonderland

    Great, its yours! I thought I had an EDC from him, still, but wasn't able to find it. He was a good dude. Too bad he's out of the game.
  8. mrn8

    Snarking in a Becker Wonderland

    Anyone remember KFU (Chris)? I'm cleaning up the shop and came across this patch. Free for the taking, just call dibs here and PM me your address.
  9. mrn8

    Snarking in a Becker Wonderland

    You won't regret it. I've got micarta on the BK9 and would love to have it on all of my outdoor knives. Maybe even most of my pocket knives.
  10. mrn8

    A Beckerhead Giveaway

    Thanks Padruig, this is super cool of you! I'm in, beckerhead #152. I'm not sure how to pick my favorite, but I can say that I love the durability and useful design that I find in every Becker design. BK-15 is my favorite for skinning and butcher duty: ...but the BK-9 is my do-all beast...
  11. mrn8

    Fake Becker’s

    Even before I understood the difference between good and bad knives, I'd have run away from those. They look about as nice as those Harbor Freight survival knives.
  12. mrn8

    Bk9 vs Junglas 2 what to get

    I love my BK9, but can't speak to the Junglas. I can say that it's been a worthy companion on many a camping trip and backpacking excursion. Never once has it let me down. Thanks a sweet setup GeofS!
  13. mrn8 20th Anniversary Year of Giveaways, Week 4: Benchmade Limited 319DLC-1801

    I'm in, thanks! The Proper is such a great little knife.
  14. mrn8

    Snarking in a Becker Wonderland

    Man, I hope so. Seems like it's been a brutal year out that way. I'm hoping we finally get some snow this weekend. It's hit north and south of us, but we haven't seen any since a couple of bursts in November.
  15. mrn8

    Snarking in a Becker Wonderland

    I wish we were getting some of that weather. It's been an absolutely boring winter up here. Not much snow to play with, snowblower is sitting all pretty and bored in the garage, and the new (to me) 4WD vehicle hasn't been tested out yet.
  16. mrn8

    First Run of BK62's to Be Released

    Great news! I'll need to get my hands on one of these soon.
  17. mrn8

    What would you like to see in 2019?

    A wharncliffe tweener would be the bees knees. Also...I'd love to be able to buy BK-15's for my hunting buddies. They all try to steal mine for skinning duty.